Brainwork or muscle work?

I woke up in the early hour of this morning with a lot of thought running through my mind, amid this thoughts is the constant reminiscences of the hours and days I have wasted during my service year in Anambra state, seating with fellow idle minds to gossip issues that adds no value to our life and most of the argument are always argumentum ad hominem. Most times when am through with this unproductive engagement of my mental faculty, it dawn on me that the quality time that could be channel towards brainwork has been wasted on muscle work. Hence most of the argumentum ad hominem involves a constant standing up and seating down to proof a point or attack the person.
So as I write this piece, a lot of questions keep reverberating in my heart but the one that caught my attention upon which I choose to anchor my discuss goes thus: do Africans need brainwork or muscle work to progress?
Senseless though it may sound to any Africa man if told that what he needs is brainwork not hard work, but it is not without sense for this blogger and I will tell you why with conspicuous exemplum or (exempli gratia) as it pleases your diction.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level we were when we created them (Albert Einstein)

Africa is a continent that has come to total disengagement from brainwork and have channel all its effort to muscle work forgetting that hard work is not equivalent to productivity nor efficiency. Africa continent with an estimated population of over 600million people, the most hard working populace and the largest mineral deposit in the world is equivalent in gross domestic product (GDP) to Belgium, a land with no Gold, no Diamond, but just 11million people. That is to say; what the 600million people in Africa produce is equivalent to what the Belgium with a population of 11million produces (emphasis on GDP has been made available for a layman understanding by way of the print and broadcast media).
The asset of a nation is not in the abundance of its natural resources but in the wisdom of its people
Great Britain from a very tiny island with the most awful weather, very moody, they have nothing but until 52years ago, they control the world. They colonized Indian (over 1billion people), Pakistan, USA, Canada, and almost the whole countries of Africa. Hard work could never have achieved this neither could the presence of natural resources, hence the population and mineral deposit of the prey countries was more but with brainwork and time management they were able to rule the world until 52 years ago.
The exemplum of Belgium and the great Britain (British) above is just but the few ways in which brainwork has made nations great, yet Africans still wallow in self pity believing that with hard work, they will someday become even greater than our colonial masters


2 thoughts on “Brainwork or muscle work?”

  1. It is not he that will or he that run but by God who shows mercy. We Africans need to grow out of the mentality that other countries re better than us. If hard work will better a nation then I think by now Nigeria should be the richest and most powerful country in the world cause her people are very hard working. This is not to dismiss the value or importance of hard work but to hard work we need to add brian work,brain work will speed up a lot of thing in Africa countries.


  2. @Yemi. Thanks for stoping by to read my post, i long to see more of ur presence here.
    There are some obvious fact that we can dismiss to please our mentality but it keeps reverberating in our subconscious instinct as situations arise, however with reference to British in my piece i think you will agree with me that the citizens seek wisdom and the understanding needed to be great was granted them through Brainwork, whereas in Africa we seek wisdom and convert the knowledge to muscle work, check the lives of the rich in Africa today, 90% of them did Brainwork


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