My life

My love life

With strong conviction for the Hinduism and Buddhism law of Karma which is directly or indirectly inevitable in a man’s life, I grew up on the doctrine of being sincere and determine with all faithfulness when I find love. Then came that natural force called love, beaconing which out of youthful exuberance, I quickly respond to at the youthful age of twenty-one (21).

In this union which was a progeny of a good friendship, I found outside my family, a great comfort in times of solitude, a shoulder to cry on, a counsel, the ever rejuvenating joy in my heart, even when life suggest otherwise, and the strength to carry on when life weigh me down. But little did this happiness last before the stark reality of a scientific discovery called “genetic” (genotype) thwarted my dreams and desire to spend the rest of my life with the first woman I loved and dated. The reality of going separate ways goad me and in melancholy. I look up to God for His intervention. But as time went on and event unfolds, I came to the realization that I am still and just holding on. Hence, the only way forward is to accept the stark reality which is partying different ways.
It finally dawn on me that persistence in what is not agreed upon by the two parties involved or ordained by God is transgression and so, I had to take the hardest decision of my life at that point and let go since I was the only one holding unto faith.

My experience and love life has thought me that; it is not always all about fixing something that has broken. But seeking the face of God, starting over, and creating something better.

This is my love life,
I found it worth living
And still holding unto
Fate for better days…


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