My life

My personal statement

My personal and professional academic experience has shaped my life and my career goal for the future. Hence, I already foresee myself in the profession that I always dreamt of. I see myself walking as a successful journalist and image maker of any organization/establishment that requires my service in the country and beyond. My confidence is also at the peak because I was able to succeed in my previous educational degree even with my ill-health at the start of my program which absent me from seating for some papers and concentrating on lectures which then reduce my chances of making first class. But with perseverance and tact in the face of this challenge that strew the path of my academic struggle, I made it out with a second class. But the past is gone and the future has come with a brighter potential. I am equipped with the right knowledge and experience plus the and PhD in mass communication that I will be receiving in the nearest future. I am with the right passion to survive and nothing will interfere with my success.

Everything that I am will be use for the actualization of the three passion that governs my life which are; the desire to reduce or totally eliminate the unbearable suffering of mankind in my nation Nigeria and the world at large, the continue search for knowledge and the longing for love. I believe vividly that with service and commitment and above all God’s wisdom and guidance I shall achieve fulfillment for my desire. My future goals will be made possible with the wisdom I seek from God and by the and PhD in print journalism because it will expose me to more courses aside my prior knowledge from my undergraduate days in mass communication.

Finally, I believe that with God’s guidance and protection, hardworking and dedication, perseverance and tact which has govern my life form birth, I shall make it through any legitimate position of responsibility assign to me in life.

    So help me God.

2 thoughts on “My personal statement”

  1. u hv 2 tk our destiny in our hds.we ned 2 believe in ourselves ad put d knwledge we hv acquired 4 4yrs 2 wk.God wil blex d labour of our hds in jesus name.our case wil nt end dis way.nevr!


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