My life

PASSIONS OF MY LIFE: Knowledge, Love and Justice

I am living my life in pursuit of these three passions. I sought knowledge to know why inequality, racism and racial prejudice plague the world today whereas we preach equality before God. I sought to know why tribalism has become the greatest challenge facing the Africa continent and even beyond. I wish to understand the heart of men. I wish to know why some privileged individual loath public fund into their personal account like a crazy winner of a draw for the pleasure of seeing the money there while a large population of the citizens do not know where their next meal lies. I sought to know why the star shine. And I desire to apprehend the concept of democracy in my country were corruption hold sway. A little of this but not much, I have acquired.

I sought love because it brings ecstasy from the loneliness which have afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives. I sought it, because in the union of love I have seen the beauty of life here on earth and in my vision, that of heaven which the holy book have described. A little of this I have found in my family, but more I desire.

I sought Justice because I too suffer injustice. I sought justice because echoes of cries of children in famine, victims tortured and killed by oppressors, helpless old people dying on the queue for the dividend of their struggle and a burden to their sons, poverty, anguish and untold hardship making mockery of human life keep reverberating in my heart. I long to alleviate this evil since I too suffer it, and to achieve this I shall continue to cry blue/black on white till my cry effect the desire change.

This has been my life.
I have found it worth living
And would gladly live it again
If there be a next world.


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