One day I was in a chemistry laboratory in a university for an experiment. Beside me was a 200level student who accidentally poured some kind of acid on her chest. She shouted bitterly for help and this attracted lecturers of various disciplines to the scene.
The law lecturers on their arrival started preparing a case file to sue the student for lack of concentration and wastage of school acid. The chemistry lecturer and his physics counterpart on arrival quickly checked to know whether, the acid which poured on the girl was a strong or a weak one.
The geography and sociology lecturers where there and did not waste time to check the continent the acid was produced. The mathematics specialist also rushed in and did their best to know the exact amount of acid that poured on the girl’s body. The accounting, banking and finance lecturers were all there, they were busy calculating the cost price of the acid that poured on the girl’s body and balancing the remaining one.
The Economics lecturers were present, busy studying the economic value of the remaining acid to be kept for future use. The Agric lecturers were present requesting for the remaining acid to be handed over to them so as to serve as pesticide on the school farm. The English and literary study lecturers stood far away in one corner, composing a suitable poem to best describe the incidence. The Mass Communication lecturers were busy trying to construct a good sentence to report the story. The History and international studies lecturers were also there; they were busy relating the incidence to a similar one that happened at one university in Britain in 2001 and advised them to get her a historic method of first aid
A team of C.R.S and Islamic study lecturers hid themselves in one inner room praying to Allah and God almighty to restore the girl back to normalcy. Very surprising to many, the theatre arts lecturers were busy practicing drama to entertain guest in the girl’s funeral in case she dies. The food and nutrition lecturers were not left out as they were busy preparing some food at the school canteen in anticipation of sympathizers presence if the girl dies.
Ladies and gentlemen, all disciplines are inter-related likewise every ethnic and religious group, so let us join hands in the struggle to keep Nigeria in the spirit of oneness not minding your religion, ethnic group and area of discipline. By doing this we are invariably moving Nigeria to an enviable height.
Be part of this vision



  1. i bliv in ur vision cos am in support of a change 4 our dear future…our leaders hav failed 2 realise dat d method of their leadership isnt wat a country lyk ours need any longer therfor we hav 2 fight 4 our voic 2 b heard, it is a struggl 4 freedom


  2. @micabilove. Thanks sis for stoping by to peruse my ramblings specially for the Nigeria youths. I look forward to seeing more of you around and do help promote this blog on ur facebook wall and other medium


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