I woke up in the early hours of this Morning. surfing the print media and there is this particular news item about boko haram insurgents killing 90 persons according to some media organisation and 106 according to daily trust. This news raised a mind reverberating question which has form the tittle of this post.

Please note that this post is different from my usual post so as you read drop your opinion on the comment box. Thanks

To say the older generation have failed us in this country is to beg the question, hence they have realised that they’ve failed their generation and made the society a living hell for this present generation who are nothing but pencils in their hands.

They have failed to provide us with the basic amenities and we in turn have failed to hold them accountable for it, they have failed to fight corruption which has left us in pitfall and we in turn have been enabling them to loath us on daily basis, they have refused to vacate their office for the younger generation and we in turn continue to sell our only weapon to deteriorating and creeping governance to keep them in power, they have shield themselves with security and have left us to be used as experiment for detecting number of death and casualty from daily explosion(apology to hyperbol) and yet we steal ballot boxes, carry guns and talk the talk to aid their re-election and continuity, they have denied us the only dividend of democracy living in a country blessed with so much natural resources can afford, yet we clamour in several quarter of the need to return them to power with some slaplips comedian declaring war in the country Should their son not return to power come 2015.

It is a clear twist of irony that they have failed to provide us with employment opportunity after graduation and therefore look up to us as hungry set of people to be used for their dubious and dirty dealing for a meagre sum and we in turn have accepted to dance to their tune for the pleasure of the moment.

Amid this higgledy-piggledy relationship that exist between us and the ruling class, we still look up to them for change, who says myself rambling about this is better? I am just another pencil in the hands of my imagination who can only protest for change peacefully by crying out blue/black on white till my cry reach out and the melancholy on my face for my beloved country is wiped out when the desire change takes effect


2 thoughts on “WHO IS ENABLING THEM?”

  1. Thumb ups bro! Well said. I often ask myself these issues you’ve raised in your write up. But you see, inferiority complex–i don’t measure up mentality–has been the basis for the ugly phenomena, which continue to spread like a harmattan fire. The truth is, we are schooled but not educated in this country. We allow instant gratification to rob us of the benefits that we’re entitle to. Until we realize the evil/harm our ignoramous mentality is causing this generation, the suffering continues.


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