My life

My family life

As the only male in a legitimate union that was blessed with eight offspring. Growing up was a bit challenging. To say Juvenile delinquency was part of growing up is to beg the question (petitio principii) and as a result, I have a father who is skeptical of the certainty of a good future from his only son. A mother’s heart filled with pains and prayer for a change. Amid this higgledy-piggledy situation, there is a sister who learnt to look on the bright side of life and held unto faith believing that the best is yet to come. A sister who stood out as the one person that believes in me more than anyone in the world and in her action I found the strength and courage to carry on, then gradually came change which was still marked with skepticism from some quarters. But these are but some of the past I reminisce and in my reminiscence, I always give thanks to God for the present and the great future which is gradually unfolding. Hence, the arrival of Unekwu, my first nephew and only brother, the successful completion of my programme despite the challenges that strew my path, then a hinge free service year.

My family life/experience coupled with my academic exposure has shaped me to be a man capable of any legitimate responsibility in any habitable environment in the world. It is for these reasons that I am very proud of my family and in my supplication to God, I always pray that He grant us all long life and prosperity.

This is my family life,
I have found it worth living
And I am proud to say it
To the world that I have
The best family anyone can desire.


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