Psychology of unemployed ex-corper

Warning: this post you are about reading is adopted in part, edited by this blogger. It is not an exactitude statement or assertion peculiar to all ex corpers, rather it is an analysis presented to all ex corpers to debunk. So read on and feel free to drop your opinion and comment in the box below.

Every unemployed ex-corper has its own peculiar and recognisable Psychology and dynamics. This Psychology of the state of unemployment is inherently corrosive and destructive, in fact it is a psycho-somatic disorder.

It begins with a quick succession of grand imagining for the ex-corper. The ex-corper builds into his mind a wall of hope and solid faith that jobs are coming. Fresh, from service to fatherland, he devours the advertisement columns in the newspapers, online websites like jobberman and writes dozens of applications for this dream jobs. Fortunately, he still has some savings from the NYSC one year bonanza, with this money, our ex-corper can easily afford to taxi himself around town with out unduly bothering anyone for money.

His siblings still see our ex-corper as an illustrious brother/sister, a model to copy. For the parent, he is still a prise child, who has never disappointed them. For this ex-corper life still has a lot of meaning, he holds out to it with enormous faith and courage. Everyday he walk on in search of jobs believing that one day he will hit gold mine. His certificate, newly acquired is Beautifully laminated. Suddenly, his hopes are buoyed up by letters inviting him for interviews. He attends them in faultless formal attire. Our ex-corper then sits back hoping that one day he will be called upon to choose or at least pick up a job.

This illusion continues without the concrete reality manifesting itself. After a period of time, three months, six months, one year, the stark reality begins to unfold its drama of dejectionand degradation. No jobs. The ex-corper summons the last reserve of hope and tries again to secure some jobs. He fails woefully, and return to his siblings and parents for succour.

Back at home his younger brothers and sisters who may still be in school no longer give him the respect he once deserved, they no longer say ordinary ‘good Morning’ to this newest victim of unemployment, they now regard our ex-corper as a non-performer, a failure, in fact between themselves and this job seeker, they see no difference. Years after graduation, there is nothing to show for it, his certificate beautifully laminated has become a mere worthless piece of paper, passport to doomsland. This is the first phase

Our ex-corper will retire very early in the night to wake up by 7:00am the next Morning. Parental and family love has deserted him. He keeps to himself and shies away from crowd as inferiority complex takes over. His parents begin an internal structural adjustment programme (ISAP) by reducing the quantity of food that goes to our friend at odd times. He can not complain, if he does, he is reminded that they have done their own part. Nobody wants to know that this young man needs bathing soaps, pomade, shoes and other recurrent personal effect. He is left to his own ineffective designs, rejected and abandoned. This is the second phase.

The third phase and most destructive is the loss of faith and confidence by our humiliated compatriot in himself. This young promising Nigerian begins to regard himself as a study in personal tragedy, a hopeless failure, not fit to live. He reflects on the glorious days in the university, the lectures, the theories of development and national emancipation, the now fading beacon of self-fullfilment and the contagious patriotic zeal to serve fatherland. All appears to be empty dreams and striving after a mirage.

Our jobless friend takes a long drawn, hand and decisive look at himself and bereft of any capacity for creative thought, he relapse into melancholy and becomes a mere shadow of his former self, with his cloths worn out, his shoes perforated by too much trekking, his hairs unkempt, his body smouldering under the impact of various skin disease, he looks up to every approaching sunrise with palpable trepidation and despair

Finally, he losses grip with his personality as the condition completely shatters him. He either passes away through the worsening of this psycho-induced malady or he accepts it as his destiny.

This is the picture of an unemployed ex-corper in Nigeria of today. Now it is left for you to debunk or accept.


10 thoughts on “Psychology of unemployed ex-corper”

  1. Nigeria today has painted such a picture in a graduates mind but on the contrary I believe every graduate can make a living even without waiting for a government or private firm. A graduate with sure picture will end up to be a liability to others.

    The reason we are equipped with different skills on camp(NYSC) is for us to develop ourselves and not always wait for the government.

    I have seen a lot of people who did not seat in the four wall of a class room yet they make it big time nd there are others whom have not even finish schooling yet they are making it, being a graduate is just an added advantage so It all depends on how creative and hard working you are.

    That thought or mentality should just be a passing thought and not a permanent thought.


  2. @yemi this i agree with you but most persons will still cry wolf for capital to start up a business. This mentality is causing most graduates inferiority complex and lose of faith, what do you think is the way forward


  3. That is good point but in this part of the world we trained to live in hope, faith and good confession even when we know that there is no hope. Nigeria is a country that didn’t have plan for d future generation whereas someone will be tell us that THERE IS HOPE. I see us as ex-coper breaking new grounds and giving this country the expected end


  4. @nowheyon, good to see you stop by. Your hope, faith and good confession should always be backed up with hard work and success will be let loosed, learn to look on the bright side of life……we sure will brake the jinx of bad leadership in this country. I see hope hope in Nigeria youths


  5. Woteva a man ponderx on freva cn bcom hs psychology. C…life is in stages n phases. Mr.A can sudenli breakthru afta servce year dosn’t mean it must b immediate fr Mr.B, neithr does it also mean dt it cnt be. Hardwok n deligence s wot must dstinguish ppl daily…As ex-corprs,its importnt t dwell on d positv fr a manifstatn f dsame….n note! It must b bckd wit delignce n hardwrk. It s smpli d ryt principle..its f no wnder d buk f wisdom says- A mn deligent in hs work stnds nt bfre mean men bt kings. Dts a wrng psychology t b held unto fr an unemployd ex corpr fr weda we lyk it or nt,thousnds re stl getin employd daily. U cn b one!! Onli if u stay positvli dtermined. Nice wok Freeman….am impressd!


  6. @vivien thanks sis. for stoping by my blog, i long to see more of you around. Indeed diligence and hardworking is required couple with God’s mercy for it is not by him that runneth but him that the lord show mercy, most ex-corpers carry this Psychology. Hence, the purpose of this article is to walk into their subconscious instinct, analyse the situation, and encourage them on the need to debunk such state of mind/being


  7. The mindset! That’s where the secret of success lies. When you change ur mindset, you start experiencing transformation. The mentality that government will/should provide jobs for graduates has been the bane for the increasing number of unemployed youths in Nigeria. The truth is, government alone cannot employ everybody. But we can, by putting into use our God-given potentials. It’s a shame that many people are still ignorant of what lies inside of them. What i’ve come to realize is that, most graduates are a bit selective on the kind of job to do. They are always after fat-paying jobs, that little opportunities passes them, unknowingly. They fail to realize that giant trees today, were once but a seed. Start with what you have at hand. A journey of a thousand mile begin with a step. And once you’ve taken that step, you’re a few steps away to your glorious paradise.


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