My stand on the forthcoming confab

The situation with Nigeria is far more complex than our collective appraisal of it…. Tension, mistrust and confrontation between the great powers are rising. Even the diction(choice of words) in which they address each other are increasingly inflexible, threatening and condemnatory. The very fabric of national peace is under serious stress. The country now stands a helpless witness to major escalation of Boko-Haram strike.

While violence among ethnic groups not bounded by land or geographical location is claiming lives, men of the joint military task force are decreasing in number to the scariest element in north and the civil defence continue to defend the defenceless(indeed).

Against this sombre(dismal) background, i believe the coming together of statesmen from different. Parts of the country to air their grievance to enhance peace, disarmament and development is indeed timely and essential.

Obviously, disarmament has remain high on the list of priorities of this nation starting from the south south militant to the North east terrorism and even individuals who are anxious about the human race and our beautiful planet, those who consider peace, security and stability indispensable to human survival and Progress to higher level.

If the gathering of statesmen for the forth coming national confab as proposed by mr president is to achieve the aim and objectives of a civilised national dialogue, then i think the list of representatives should be revisited or it will end up a means to an end. What we need in a national dialogue is not all round privileged elite from Abuja or who are wearing a comfortable shoes, we need those who are wearing aching shoes to be able to tell us where the pain is, we need those who are not paying lip service to be able to speak out without fear or favour. We need you and me there.


2 thoughts on “My stand on the forthcoming confab”

  1. Nigeria leaders are nt well oriented about future,majority of them are self centered,make urself relivant in Govt does not show u wil get to promise land,


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