Who is praying for Nigeria?

Convince as i am that the great need of our age is revival of spiritual values and a drastic change in our subconscious thoughts, i still maintain that the major war in our country that requires attention is the lack of any clear vision of the future by the present administration which is having a vastly negative effects in our minds and morals

Many observations are made on the place of present leadership in modern day Nigeria and it is said that it imposes shackles on the citizens mind, that it blinds reason, that it deadens sensibility, that it ask us to surrender our integrity and submit unthinkingly to authority in belief, trust and practice. It is argued that it disdains the nation, that if it takes interest in it, it is only to defend the status quo and justify existing wrongs and evils which the administration represent. The leaders under this administration are doing little to check the process of decivilising men in the name of vast organisations, of destroying the spring of tenderness, of compassion, of fellow-feeling in the human heart. The need of the Nigerian today is human unity and the present administration are proving to be great obstacles in its way. They have departed from their original purity and advert message during campaign, lost their dynamic vigour and degenerated into arrogant sects worst than the boko haram. The spiritual/emotional inspiration with which they take on the leadership of this country is buried under irrational habits and mechanical practices coupled with the desire for unearn wealth and fame.

While what a friend will call population adjustment programme (PAP) is ongoing in Benue state arising from the war between the Tiv’s and Fulani’s. Re-election and campaign seems to be the only thing in the minds of our leaders. In the face of this current state of the country, i follow a friend who woke me up in the early hours of monday morning with a mind reverberating question which has form the tittle of this post. According to his post that early hour published below:

>Buhari is waiting
>Jonathan is sacking
>fashola is building
>Amosun is rebuilding
>patience is speaking
>Bokoharam are bombing
>Police are shooting
>pipelines are breaking
>Accidents are increasing
>Namadi is wondering
>Ramalan is patching
>Kwankwaso is delivering
>Shekarau is campaigning
>Bafarawa is decamping
>Sunusi is going
>NNPC is not remitting
>Super-eagles are flying
>Diezane is stealing
>Maku is defending
>Jega is planning
>Okupe is explaining
>ASUU are threatening
>ASUP is striking
>People are protesting
>Nigerians are watching
>You are Reading
>i’m rambling about everything

These makes me wonder!!!!!
>Who is praying for Nigeria????


1 thought on “Who is praying for Nigeria?”

  1. I’ll take my cue from the caption: who is praying for Nigeria. I think majority of us have lost hope on this country called, Nigeria. And as a result, very few often remember to add Nigeria to their prayer point. What do you expect? That a country whose teeming populace can’t afford three square meal because of the increasing corrupt practices, which continued to mar our government, policies, finance, etc…..should “waste” their precious time to pray for who? Mr. corruption or power drunk kleptomaniacs? I’m sure the prayer you’ll hear will not be far from: die by fire; holy ghost fire; thunder struck them dead; lightening strike them……etc.


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