If you are one of those who think its abnormal for a young man to take himself out on a nice treat in Mr ‘B’ or Crunches, I think you need a rehab.
Senseless as this statement sound but not without sense to this blogger who was some young dudes’ topic of grapevine (gossip) earlier today.
Frustrated by the two generating sets at home which have sworn to their ancestor not to work, and please don’t ask me if there was no PHCN or whatever the buyer’s have named it because it’s over a decade now in Benue state (apology to hyperbole). I decide to dress in my faultless attire (suit) then I went to Tito-gate, a very popular eatery in Makurdi all by myself. Upon my arrival, all eyes were on me till i took my seat, this made me smiled sheepishly thinking there were admiring my civilized attire, little did I know that i was abnormal in the sight of almost everyone.
I placed an order which came speedily and as i degrade the order in size and quantity i noticed that all eyes were still on me. I started a personal observation of myself to ascertain what was wrong with me. I had to excuse myself to the rest room and carried out a detail and proper check on myself to see if unknowingly i was wearing a torn cloth, looking for a clue as to why the sudden focus on me since i walked in amid the large LG LCD on the wall displaying different RnB songs, the couples quarreling over their house help, the young man on his kneels proposing to his fiancée (i guessed) who was busy crying, another young man beside me shouting at the top of his voice to high heaven that he cant pay 1,500 for a plate of food he has already consumed claiming that he is an illiterate and couldn’t read the price on the menu (but yet could make a choice of fried rice and salad on the same menu list).
Not getting answers to my personal observations and subconscious questioning, i resent to eating my white man grass as a friend will call salad not long before i eavesdrop into discussions arising from two tables and centered on me. To the group of young dudes behind me, my proposed date have disappointed me and left me to one chance. What they meant by ‘one chance’ I do not know and didn’t border since i was not seating in a town service bus and since an attempt to reply them will be time wasting and senseless. But a more annoying assertion by these set of nudnik dudes beside me to the left that requires a reply which i choose to ignore was the statement that i seem abnormal, this statement was made by one of the lady half naked in the midst of some wizkids kid of guys who were busy terrorizing her upper chambers at every slightest reason they find to laugh and gesticulate with their hands.


5 thoughts on “AM I ABNORMAL?”

  1. A man eating a lone in a restaurant? What’s abnormal about that? Perhaps if I had shown up alone, the talk would have been more . . . on second thoughts, someone would have offered to pay for my meal! 🙂

    Is the world more couple oriented then?


  2. @lively twist. Thanks for stopping by. My dear if it were you I think you stand at advantage being a lady. Some dudes just tend to poison a well planned day but as for me I don’t give them the chance to. Lol


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