Friends indeed

Do unto those from you don't have expectations
Do unto those from whom you don’t have expectations

The good news of a man they say comes after his death. Death as used on quote could means his absence or could litrarily means going to his ancestors as the case with late president Umaru Musa Yaradua. Today going by the kind of leadership style fashioned for Nigerian’s by the badluck sorry. Goodkuck administration, a good number of the public as they seat with melancholy glued to their faces everyday will reminisce the good old days of Yaradua and question death. Travelling from the West to East in search of a lively means kept Me wondering what will become the fate of the unborn Nigeria child. NYSC through its intensified efforts left us with some skills to become employers of labour but gave no capital to help bring their effort to realisation. Our sense of responsiblity goads us daily while fate has become questionable. Amid this state of affairs in my beloved country. Am still thankful for the kinds of friends I surround myself with. They are really my estate, friends indeed. with nothing to offer they still take you in and even vacate the apartment for your convenience having feed you with an incredibly delicious meal that you’ve not had in ages………..you and every other persons associated to me as friends are indeed my estate and I promise not to let you guys down. Thanks for being part of my life…..


2 thoughts on “Friends indeed”

  1. Lol. Something good must have really happened lately. This appraisal did not just come from space ba? Some friends are worth the bullshit.


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