In the land of Boko-Haram and the time of fuel subsidy…..the destiny of a great nation rest on the shoulder of a confused president…..his name is—–?. Popular new media joke that has been in circulation which no one have had the guts to fill the blank space.
While I engage in mental questioning and evaluation on the issues confronting my beloved country, I recal one of the best piece I have read over the years written by a great columnist I respect most in the media industry and titled. “useful idiots”. It’s a most read for all Nigeria youths, so I made it a personal task to republish the part 3 and 4 here as 1 and 2

Olatunji Ololade. Deputy editor with the Nation Newspaper. The columnist featured below
Olatunji Ololade. Deputy editor with the Nation Newspaper.
The columnist featured below

We speak in several pitiful tongues and every tongues reel a different story of identical loss and misery. And so one comes to callousness, a savage ruthlessness and culture of protest that drives us to ruin our world; dateline Boko Haram mend, Ombatse and complex bigotry avarice and bloodlust characteristics of all, yet this page will not contain the genocide, amorality and grotesque body count we have learnt to perpetrate not because they are too horrendous and unwieldy to keep tab of but because there is neither wisdom nor tact in rehashing the consequences of our towering idiocy and bloodlust.

We blame the older generation for everything we claim they created a very difficult world for us to live, a world that is rigged to booby-trap our efforts to survive and that is why many of us fail, we also accuse the ruling class of keeping us unemployed prone to corruption, exploitation crime and the devastation of our economy and social infrastructure. We accuse them of denying us access and right to the Nigeria dream.
What have we done with such world that they have given us? What are we doing to make it better for you and me and generation that will succeed us? Nothing, rather than evolve in thought and attitude, we chose to rant impotently and wallow in self-pity. And when we choose to productively engage our faculties, our conscious quest is marred by inclination to self-destruct.
If our world is ruined we are to blame for it. This is because we are major actors in every tragedy and perpetrators of every calamity that accentuates our ruin. We are the hoodlums causing chaos at random according to the whims of benevolent godfathers. We are the policemen mounting road blocks to fleece hardworking compatriots of the little money they manage to make everyday when they refuse to corporate, we simply shoot them to death.
We are the banker’s pilfering the life savings of the poor. We are the bank chiefs stripping Peter to Paul and robbing the downtrodden to feed our wantonness and greed. We are wives to thieving governor and gigolo to the rogue bank chief. We are the journalist who sold out, the watchdog who becomes lapdogs and then, dung-dogs. We are armed robbers and thieves. We are the activist exploiting the downtrodden to perpetuate our grand schemes greed.
No matter the ills visited upon our generation, we lost the right to howl and cry “foul” the moment we agreed to do everything to make money, including serving as instruments for the attainment of the perverse goods of the criminal ruling class. Shame that we have to look unto the same generation that we accuse of ruining our world to take measure necessary to save us. They can’t and that is because like you and me, they are held captive by greed, irrationality and base immoralities.
Every generation considers itself uniquely challenged like we do and each generation truly is in different ways. But I don’t buy into over-generations and self pity like we accuse older generations before us, successive generation will accuse us of ruining their world claiming we had better chances to resolve our crisis and recreate the world that they would inherit from us.
Our sense of entitlement goads us to believe that we are entitled to a good, fair life but for the ruling class and older generation that thwarts our dreams of bliss. When the older generation claim that we are ill-educated and unemployed, we respond in kind, claiming that they render us so with visionless leadership and substandard education. Truth is, school is bore to many of us. And artisanship does’nt quite does it for us. We breeze through school and apprenticeship unenthusiastically, thinking that somewhere or somehow something would give and we would chance on bliss.
Notwithstanding, some of us enter the labour market thinking it wouldn’t hurt to be exploited a little. Having being raised on the mantra that “slow and steady wins the race and tiny drops make an ocean”. We subject our will to the grindstone and stoically tread the path of industry and honesty hardly ever pays all in the long run.
Eventually we realize that the system is designed to thwart our dreams while enabling the dreams of the exploitative one percent at the top, and we got mad. We get mad because our leaders do not see us as human beings with cosmic value and rights anymore. But despite our dissatisfaction, we keep them in power and keep asking them for handouts. Our towering need for realistic opportunities.
We do not choose to be treated with dignity that is why we are entitled to expect nothing from our politicians anymore. We should be ashamed of our sense of entitlement. We should be embarrassed by our failure as a generation. We should be ashamed that we go through life thinking the world’s a sweepstakes.
We believe the world is for the taking by a lottery, this is understandable as a carrot on a stick that top one percent comprising government and big business – perpetually dangle before us.
Thus the Nigeria dream has evolved from a promise and belief that every Nigerian will get to have a good life, a job they enjoy, a generous paycheck, affordable housing healthcare and transportation and a secure retirement, into some reality show fantasy and a pipedream.
Today, the Nigerian dream comprises a tail fantasy that every Nigeria gets to live a charmed life. It offers attractive fantasies of palatial residences in exclusive neighborhoods home and abroad, fancy cars, easy money, consequence free indolence, sex, fraudulence and violence to mention a few. The Nigeria youths consider these parks their birthright and they heartily purse them on the streets and now ubiquitous reality TV show parents and their children from relatively humble backgrounds engage in funfest of foolishness and inordinate lust for unearned riches. The tragedy of this development resonates in the number of has been and reality show runners-up still loitering the red carpets for the barest chance to hug the limelight for the justifiable reason or attainment.
Each generation has a responsibility to wisely develop itself and become indispensable to the world despite all odds. It is the only way we would equip ourselves to take over the country leadership and use the resources and power available to us to provide this generation and posterity, a secure, sustainable country that will be stronger than the one inherited.
We need to stop whining and begin to take action now to reverse the rapid decline of our country. If we wait until we are older it will be too late. Life in the future will be worse.
Our hubris and sense of entitlement is sickening and truly mind boggling. It’s about we seek our Nigeria dream not because we are special but because we truly deserve it.


3 thoughts on “USEFUL IDIOTS (1)”

  1. Self pity is pathetic. Noone wants to accept responsibility of anything, just content with shifting blames. As far as its something you can complain about and someone just like you, can do something about it, help the matter. Sometimes its good to let sleeping dogs lie, or just mind your own business. Afterall, its not everyone that has the resources to change things. But the others that can be changed effortlessly nko? How far? i can never be content with mediocrity *spits* These days, everbody just wants little work and big pay, and then spend it on booze and look good. Smh

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  2. Mcbeechee. Thanks for stoping by. Nice assertion. I just wish my ramblings could get to the greater part of Nigeria youths and change their subconscious thinking. I don’t give into self pity as well as self praise. I judge people by their evident actions. Looking forward to seeing much of you around with your constructive comment. Look out for useful idiots 2 letter today


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