Nigeria youths
Nigeria youths

We are a cliché the want of bread disturbs our peace, but in pursuit of bread, we gun for gold and perverse glamour, modesty succumbs to vile, honesty desert our hearts and the beaming brightness of good forsakes our bothersome neighborhoods. The injustice and tyranny we claim to seek and end to have only just begun more than an end, we perfect their beginnings. The demolition of Nigeria is ongoing. And it is being perfected by the most useful agents of hope or destruction; the Nigerian youth. But as Nigeria ruins, we ruin too. Our overtly cherished and over-celebrated lives fall apart and the promise of our generation manifest as a pathetic lie we inherited from our fathers other in the thick of despair for false and cheap comfort.
The history of our generation will be one continuous disaster from one timeline to the next if we do not change. But change is not what we dream of it. It is what we make it to be. Change is what we make of will. Have we such will that ignites dying embers to scorching hearts to hope and unquenchable order?
We blame the ruling class and “wasted generation” for the coldness in or hearts and their insensitivity to our plight. We claim they do not give a hoot what becomes of Nigeria or what become of us? So we really care what becomes of Nigeria? What do we care about? What excites the passion of the Nigeria youth? What would we die for? What do we die for? We who value craftiness above sweat and continually die to get money at all cost, wish for peace and everlasting posterity. We shan’t get what we seek but we shall get what we deserve. And we do get what we deserve like endemic poverty and a predatory ruling class. Today we deserve the scourge of religious extremism and the affliction of currency activated racists and war mongers. Today, we deserve to live like paupers in our land overflowing with riches that even the so-called developed nations could never boast of.
We get what we deserve, that is why President Goodluck Jonathan and company epitomize the perfect leadership for our kind. Were we deserving of a better ruling class, we would elect better leadership at election time. But leadership we have now is a mirror of the Nigeria on psyche. It is the best we could produce to our pleasure and the amusement of our malicious and covetous neighbors.
In the face of such daunting reality the columnist choose to believe in the Nigeria youth. He choose to believe in the immeasurable benefits of ballot box, bullets may serve the means and ends of revolutionary savages for a while but at the end its electoral votes that count, tyrannies will fall and despots will but at the end it is electoral votes that court, Tyrannies will fall and despots will dies, no degree of savagery outlasts the passion and strength of a people speaking with one voice, stoically and quite peacefully by their votes.
Yet, it is sad to note that despite the ills we suffer and are forced to endure under the incumbent ruling class, Nigeria youths are determined to keep them in power. As you read professional activists, racist and self-acclaimed youth leaders amongst us are repositioning themselves and strategies to pitch their tents with our usual candidates with power of incumbency or deep pockets, come next general elections.
Many are spoiling for war and secession. Some are merely mounting the soap box to incite and talk the talk but a great deal, more are threatening to speak with bullets, matchet and most cleavers. They are vowing to go all out to realize their dreams of genocide and violent secession. The permutations are rife in the scariest elements and details of discord; Boko Haram is on the run and Joint Task Force (JTF) struggles to uproot its tentacles of violence and destruction even as some slapstick comedian from the south promises to unleash more terror on Nigeria if President Jonathan does not retain his seat come 2015.
Nigeria will break soon many of us shamelessly croon like deranged parakeets brandied to us as through “security report” by our perverted neighbors from the “developed world”. We are past such conditioning and “covert psychological operations” Today, we are at the threshold of combining arrant madness to malicious predictions. But the fault is never our perverted neighbors nor is it our predatory ruling class. You and I are to blame for every ill that befalls us. We are to blame for violence and bloodshed we continually perpetrate in the name of politics, tribe and religion.
At the centre, a wasteful cabinet of dubious necessity grinds on while scarier candidates with hustle in the wings to take over power from our incumbent government of brutes and dunderheads, Racism consumers our soul and thousands die by the whims of malevolent politicians and godfathers. Corporate plunderers grab an ever-growing share of profits while workers salaries dwindle. The price of oil sky rockets, and we shamelessly import the oil we have in over abundance in our back yard. More youths are beginning to learn that a commoner’s dream is an extravagant enterprise they have learn to bury their hopes for a secure future.
Yeah, bad news is in the air, we worry and gripe about it. Bloggers rant
About it, we have even learnt to joke about it. We should endeavor to rescue our world. It takes so much effort to be cynical and vegetal, let us channel such efforts into more portable enterprise like visionary politics, honest labor and orientation.
Suggesting a way forward the walking encyclopedia rounded up his Column on this note. It is about time we projected more progressive views of our world. Let us begin to seek the upright among us. They aren’t so hard to find, they are the paltry few we love to haze and drive for being too conservative” “stupid” and “pretentious” they believe in justice, equality and rule of law. They are pious without being self righteous; they are responsible, tolerance and in many ways more evolved. The writer on a final note propose an agenda for our generation a blue print of things to be done that serve our common need for consecration leadership. Sustainable jobs peace, security to maintain a few needs a practical and inclusive plan, a proposal of shared targets and intension with broad based support and moral and politics will to implement its mechanism and ends. We have a common need of a future worth anticipating and living. Majority of our founding fathers were only in their 20s, and 30s at the time they put Nigeria positively on the World Map. There was no magic to their striving; they simply towed the slow, steady path of honesty, perseverance, irresponsible pride and nationalism they never sold light hand-outs on a platter of lies and loser mentality. They simply choose to become their own heroes… comrade Aba Moro Olatunji Ololade Hamzat Abdulmajeed Mohammed Aminu Tambuwa and the host of others who have been breathing life into some youth in one way or the other, may ideals continue to springforth from the mental conversation you shall be having with yourself and the youths of this nation
As the only path to develop ourselves and build a great Nation, we the citizen, mostly the Youths, we should learn to start saying no when it matters most and change and reshape our thoughts to have a nation where posterity will look back and thank instead of pointing accusing fingers on us.


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