put the blame on me & you

Travelling can be boring and fun at the same time depending on the nature of the road, and most importantly, the kind of passenger’s that make up the 14 man list depending on the vehicle.
Travelling from Makurdi to Otukpo and sitting next to this epitome of beauty who have filled the vehicle with her sweet aroma, and thinking how to say “hello” I just wanna talk to you or perhaps rebroadcast her beauty to her with different diction which I guess she probably have never heard before or perhaps tell her to her face that she is beautiful and as a single and searching guy I can’t take my eyes off her.
While I engage in self thought searching for the right word for expression, the guy next to this beauty personify brought the issue of corruption and the ongoing crisis between the TIV’s and Fulani’s in Benue state up. As if the whole passengers were anticipating the same discussion, the whole vehicle went agog with the same assertion. Blaming the government of the incumbent Governor for corruption and the crisis, even my secret admire was seriously engrossed in this blame apportioning discussion. In my subconscious mind I just wish the one and the half hour journey will come to an abrupt end. What beats my imagination is that they all seems to be speaking with one voice. “its the governors fault” but while this discussion which has already got me pissed like hearing two friends who have watched same movie analysing it to themselves scene by scene will not end, I do not know.
My anger rekindled not because the discussion left me with words unsaid while diverting the attention of my secret admire hence we both could still have a minute which I never got on arrival. But because the fourteen seater bus filled with all educated elites(a guess from their speech) have not learnt over time to avoid argumentum ad populum and analyse situation before drawing conclusion. While the blame apportioning game seems not to have an end even upon arrival, I degenerate into self thought and questioning.
I thought and question myself, when will Nigerians ever accept the blame for wrong in the society like Akon and admit same?. I question when in a relationship or even marriage will either of the two parties involved admit fooling around or guilty like Usher Raymond?. When are we gonna admit being foolish like Asa?. When are we gonna admit moving too fast like Tyga and Chris Brown?. When are we going to accept the blame for government ineptitude and other Short coming?. When are we gonna take the blame?

Argumentum ad populum: A that concludes a to be true because many or all people believe it.


2 thoughts on “put the blame on me & you”

  1. Lol…… Sorry it is indeed.. I got so pissed by the crowd support the blame apportioning game was getting and felt my ideas will just be laughed out since they were all cock sure it was the government that should take the blame. I hope to run into her again someday nf in a better argument that might win her over….lol. Happy Sunday Timi


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