Is This Nigeria or Me & You?

There is a three word expression that has gained ground and potency as a cover-all explanation for evil and ungodliness in our country:”This is Nigeria” or put in a street parlance:”Na Naija we dey”. I am always infuriated and angered by what it portrays, implying that we have to live with it.
What rekindles my anger the most upon the utterances of this three words is the fact that its always coming from the youths, the supposed agent of change. This words have so gained ground that even our men of God, the modern day preacher make reference to it, bloggers blog about it and even modern day journalist sarcastically make sham of it.
Each time I hear people discuss a job opening in any government civil service and how they recount their plan of paying for the job or going through one Oga at the top. I always ask why does it have to be so. The only response I get is summed up in the three word expression or four as the case with those who uses the street parlance. I remember telling a friend my intention to enrol for the Nigeria immigration and the first question he asked me was:”who wan ronce am for you”? In response to his question. I told him: “God”. He busted into a long laughter and remarked:”guy shine your eyes, na naija we dey and this one no be Star or Malta Guinness promo”. Or ready go break one leg during the exercise then pray to God make them notice you come give you the job out of pity. To this young fellow, he doesn’t believe in meritocracy as a prerequisite for getting a job in Nigeria, yet he believes in ubiquitous reality TV shows where parents and their offsprings engage in fun-fest foolishness for unearned wealth, To this fellow and many of his kind in this mental school of thought, Nigeria is for the taking only unto to those with the cash or one Oga at the top. But we are the perpetrators of this heinous crimes, we are the ones who pay for a job we are best qualify for, we are the ones who beg for our right, we are the ones who jump the queue upon noticing that our friends or family is on the service end, we are the ones who put the queue on hold to attend to friends and family or those who bribe us to do so, and we are the ones on the queue who rather than stage a peaceful protest towards such evil act, result to murmuring and even raining insults on ourselves in our subconscious instinct, we are the ones who have failed to debunk the assertion:”This is How We Do it”. as experienced and expressed by a great female blogger of our time who for obvious reasons was out of the country for a while before returning (you need to check her blog out). We are the ones carrying the disease not Nigeria or Naija as most have degenerated into calling courtesy Dora Akunyili(mrs rebranding).

We are the problem of this nation and we should stop using our evil act as a synonym for the symbolic representation of our flag nor the name Nigeria which the flag represent.


4 thoughts on “Is This Nigeria or Me & You?”

  1. I Quite agree with you Yemi. And that is why am protesting and calling on you and me and every other youths out there to take the course of nation building into there hands…….. I hope you will join the vanguard for change.


  2. You needn’t emphasize instances where the expression ‘Na naija be this’ is put to use. The expression is popular and the idea behind it is known. You ought to emphasize solution to the problem rather than giving your life experiences of when the expression has been use on you.


  3. @moses if you follow up the post you will recall I talked about staging a peaceful protest in place of wallowing into self complaints and calling the country names, I also talked about debunking such ideas that has left us in pitfalls as way out of the ugly situation. My other Post on this blog also points to way forward out of diagnosed societal issues(I refer you to useful idiots 1&2). And the rest. As for the naija thing which you have accepted as a part of being a Nigeria. I ask: shall we continue to dwell in sins for the grace of God to abide? You and I know its not a good public relations for our country yet you let unfolding events make you accept it as a normal thing. Who then are the vanguards for change if all youths put themselves in your shoes?. Think about it…… Thanks for stoping by and that was a debatable comment. The types I welcome most…lol


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