Before you take this step....pls know your genotype
Before you take this step….pls know your genotype

As I walk down,
This lonesome road of life
I by-pass different women
Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking
Amid these qualities and more
My uncanny heart
Was adamant to love
Adamant to choice
Adamant to desire
Till in mysticism
I saw the prefiguring vision
Of the woman I ever imagined
But in despair
I linger on hope
Till comes love…..
In love….:
I found a shoulder to cry on
The ever rejuvenating joy even when life suggest otherwise
The best counsellor
A friend, a lover, a sister, a mother, a neighbor, a colleague
And a rare gem
Yet I cry.
Untold pain of lost
Reverberates in my heart
I cry:
Because of the truth that lies ahead
I cry:
Because, a scientific discovery called genotype
Thwarts my journey with my lover
I cry:
Because, science have done me more
Harm than good
Oh! Science:
It is not that I cast all blames on you
Nor do I cast a spell on you
But in my lamentation
As I grief over my lost
I make utterances
Utterances that the diction I employ is far beyond my comprehension
Be not offended by my questions
But why haven’t you discovered the cure to this abnormality?
Why have you deprived many lovers A HAPPY ENDING?
Why are you so concern about the offsprings of the union?
Why have you deprived me the joy I seek to behold till death?
I thought of going against your recommendations
But I think of the untold pains my decision will bring
I resolve to having just two or three kids
But it doesn’t work as you’ve analyzed through cross matching
Oh! science:
How incomplete and incompetent you are
Yet we follow all your recommendations
With little or no argument
You make me cry
And I cry because
That is the only way I can stay happy.
Tears of untold pain drops from my eyes
Drop by drop upon my heart
And has vowed to keep dropping
Till in my despair,
Against my will,
Comes another true love
Through the awful grace of God

Mysticism:- the belief that knowledge of God and of real truth can be found through prayer and meditation rather than through reason and the sense

Prefigure:- to suggest or show something that will happen in the future

Linger:- to continue to exist longer than expected.


3 thoughts on “I CRY.”

  1. @Dr fresh….its so nice to have you back….where have you been? I missed your constructive comments here….as for love hmmmmmm. What can I say than to thank God.

    @Yemi…words can never express the hurt I felt and still feel but such is life and I have learn to hold on to fate…..thanks for stopping by


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