Timi weds Ifeoluwa

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Warning: this post is purely a fictive work. Though names mentioned here are real but the attribute to them are merely a construction to juice up the post, therefore should not be seen as a bone of contention in the lives of the characters mentioned here.

Before I met Ifeoluwa and eventually stumbled on his blog, my ideas when constructed into words end up on a piece of papers littered all around my room then finally to the dustbin when constituting dirts. Then finally came the knowledge of wordpress where I can actually put down my ideas in permanent form for myself and for others to peruse. If writing is to be born to us as artisanship does it for handwork, then livelytwist by Timi and ramblingofacoffa by Ifeoluwa would have commanded the largest apprentice under their mentorship in Nigeria. Myself would have enrolled for a post apprenticeship under their leadership.
In the journey of life, there are some couples you meet after a while you regret they came your way either by words or by action. The reverse is the case with this couples I met sometime ago(Timi and Ifeoluwa). The synopsis of the groom I knew why in camp was that he is an engineer with a driven passion for journalism activities. As the then editor in chief in charge of the orientation broadcasting service(OBS), while in camp. I often question my competency each time I edit news written by this young fellow. Then came the bride Timi. The girl next door with words, another great writer whom I won’t be surprise to hear she is an engineer or worst still an accountant by profession. Every Sunday as I wait patiently to get an email notifying me of a new post on livelytwist. I gather all the books there is to study so as to, at least have a comment to drop in the box below the post. While I try not to let inferiority complex set in even though my sense of creative writing goads me, I resolve to clicking the like botton when am short of words or surprised by her diction.

Today I decided to deviate from the usual ramblings of mine and dedicate this page to this two couples that inspires me hugely and to pray that as they do ideas like never before will keep springing fort from the mental conversation they shall be having with themselves, their marriage, their pen, wordpress, families, friends, fellow bloggers and their contributions to knowledge.
Picture 124


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