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Have a Positive Mindset Towards Eagles


I hardly blog or have much to say when it comes to sporting activities, i just let modesty succumb to my inexperience in that area. Lately, the attitude of some folks have prompted me to ramble about the ongoing FIFA world cup in Brazil.

After playing goalless draw with Iran that obviously came to the tournament with a defence and strike at every opportunity there is tactics. Teaming population of Nigerians took to the social networks to do what they know how to do best(criticism) with several tongues bluffing out identical stories; dead end, lost, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and some even went as far as wishing the Super Eagles a safe landing in anticipation of their untimely return.

Popular among the negative engagement of the mental faculties of some folks is the question on facebook eliciting response: who returns first? Was the question followed by three options; Chibok Girls, or Super Eagles, or poly students. The response to this question and the status updates of most persons kept me wondering when will most Nigerians quail away negative thoughts and utterances and embrace positive mindset and attitudes.

I perused the social medias and read from some citizen journalist the negative outpour on the the Eagles chance to scale through the group stage but didn’t react much to their negative comments. Hence, the issue of sport is opinionated and i came to realise that an attempt to reply and convince a man who doesn’t believe in himself or see anything positive about himself and therefore question his brother who says Nigeria can and will triumph victoriously will be time wasting and thought provoking.

The irony of the whole ideas and predictions of these same folks who saw nothing good in the Super Eagles was brought home by the triumphant victory over Bosnia. The unreplied goal from Osaze kept me doubly intoxicated with my laughter filling the cheezy-breezy-weezy atmosphere, sending sorrows on permanent errand with a beaming smiles which kept my eyes shining bright-betraying no sentiments and no emotions, then giving my neighbors a justifiable reason not to answer my greetings that morning and henceforth.

As if i cared, i went on with my chants of jubilation till the end of the game then i took to social media and to my greatest surprise, same folks that saw nothing good in the Eagles performance and were ready to receive them home, quickly took to singing their praises. Needless to say some microscopic few from their updates and comments were still skeptical of the Eagles progress, but who cares what they think or say? It might just be their way of life which can not be changed.


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