President and commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal Republic of Nigeria

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
President and commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal Republic of Nigeria

In this space of time
You will incur the wrath and reproach
At the hands of this generation
Generation which benefit from my sure-P
Generation which benefit from boko haram
Generation which benefit from my leadership

I say this not to you all,
But to those only,
Who condemned me to die.
And i say this to the same persons.
Perhaps you think, oh! Northerner’s
That i have been convicted
Through the want of second term,
By which i might have persuaded you
Had i thought it right to do so
On the need to be re-elected
So that i might escape punishment
In the next place
And in the hands of my kinsmen
I desire to predict to you
Who have condemned me,
What will be your faith:
For i am now in that condition
Which men most frequently prophesy,
Namely, when they are about to die.
I say then to you oh! Northerner’s
Who have condemned me death,
That immediately after my death,
A punishment will overtake you,
Far more severe, by Southerner’s
Than that which you have inflicted on me,
Your accuser’s will be more numerous,
Whom i have now restrained,
Though you did not perceive it,
And they will be more severe
In as much as they are younger
And will be more indignant.
For, if you think that;
By putting me to death
You will restrain anyone
From upbrading you,
You are much mistaken,
For this method of escape
Is neither possible nor honourable
Having predicted thus,
Much to those of you,
Who have condemned me,
I take my leave of you
But with you who have
Voted for my re-election,
I would hold converse
On what has now taken place
While INEC are busy
And am not yet carried to the place where i must die,
Or seat on the throne of mercy,
Stay with me then, so long, oh! Northerner’s
I may hence conclude
That there is great hope
That death is blessing
For to die is one of two things:
For either the death
May be annihilated and have no sensation
Of anything whatever,
Or as it is said,
There is a change and passage
Of the soul from one place to another.
It is now time to depart
For me to either die
For you Northerner’s to live.
Or for me to seat on my destined throne
For you Northerner’s
To render ungovernable
But which of us is going
To a better state is unknown to everyone but God

Imaginary address to Northerner’s by president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on the day of presidential election come 2015


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