Have a positive mindset towards the Eagle II

Enyeama Vincent (GCFR). President and commander in chief of African football

As the blame game regain momentum, some slapstick comedian have degenerate into attributing the inability of the Eagles to secure a ticket to the semi finals to the Jonathan led administration forgetting that the man in question never wore a shoe to school and therefore can not tell how if feels to wear one to the football pitch, yet under his leadership sport witness a tremendous transformation, but since am not here for a PR, it borders me less.

Why some are calling for Keshi’s head, forgetting that he has done better than the past coaches both foreign and local. Others went into individual crucifixion of the squad. To this groups of people, among there blame game and argument that doesn’t require a reply is the argument that players like Mikel Obi made no impact in the tournament and should have been appreciated if he had done his country the favour of biting at least two France players; to these folks, if Yobo was a commodity to be bought upon return, Nigerians will not offer more than a kobo as his worth in cash. Yet the first goal of the world cup tournament was own goal by Marcelo and never was he crucified by Brazilians.

I could go on analysing individual players score card as marked by Nigerians but that will be time wasting. Perhaps a more subtle version of the argument from folks that require a reply is the argument that the number one goal saviour, and goal post janitor of the world…Vincent Enyama caused the Eagles knockout.

Why we accept our fate like every other African countries that came, saw and left conquering to their white brothers. We should bear in mind that the man Vincent Enyama has dedicated his whole to this country and instead of supporting the ditching of national awards to thieves, we should collectively advocate for the award of GCFR for him for his selfless, relentless and committed effort which has brought the Eagles this far proving FIFA and their ranking wrong.


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