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Wishful Thinking

If i ever get the chance to say "hi-i love you" and probably wave goodbye at thesame time then i will let go of this wishful thinking and will accept that life is my only friend......
If i ever get the chance to say “hi-i love you” and probably wave goodbye at thesame time then i will let go of this wishful thinking and will accept that life is my only friend……

That moment in your life when your senses of lost battle goads you right in the face and the only thing you can think of is her pulchritude and personality which caught your attention or interest as your diction permits.

You choose an action that you hope will give her a clue that you cared and love her and long for a life with her in future. You call her names like; my wife, beauty etcetera each time you cross path hoping that the beaming smiles on your face coupled with the ever rejuvenating joy that accompanied your countenance would do the magic of walking straight into her subconscious instinct and tell her “hey! This guy is crazy about you”.

You take a walk around her resident, hoping she will be seating outside so you can behold her face; you seat outside the lecture hall waiting for the lectures to be over so you could just see her step outside. On two occasions you covered 450km to see her and probably tell her how you feel about her: on the first occasion, disappointment stares you in the face while on the second occasion, you came face to face with her but lost the courage to speak and you consoled yourself that maybe you are moving too fast.

You believed soo much in your friends who tells you….she is still single and take strong exception to advances from opposite sex. You felt maybe you should give her a little more time then you thought of what procrastination could cost you knowing fully well that a million other secret admirers exist out there dieing on the queue for her love.

As you wallow in self thought, the lyrics from African China’s song gave you all the courage you need to proceed, then you took the bold step of faith to reveal the secret you have kept for three calendar years just to discover that you were too late and that your place has been taken, you accept it as fate but each time you think about it, it pierces your soul and keeps you wishing you can turn back the hands of time.


6 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking”

  1. hahahahahah. indeed you should be speechless cos its a wishful thinking that should have been a reality…. thanks for being here and I look forward to seeing more of you here


  2. As the saying goes, if wishes are horses, beggars would ride. You don’t wish yourself into the future; you create the future today by taking a giant, bold step – a leap from wishing to actually doing the need-do!


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