After taking a leave of absence from wordpress for almost two months to enable me finish work on the literary text i just published, am back but this time with something different. I will be starting with some poems i have composed.

Poetry is that mode of litereay imitation/presentation i like most because aside dealing with aesthetics, the poetic devices and off course the authorised permission to use words as the poet pleases while taking refuge in “poetic license” is motivating. Though am not a good poet yet but in the nearest future, my poems will be studied by west African students and this is a fact someone will have to remind me of, so as you read inbetween the lines please dont forget to drop your comments/criticism in the box below.

Our Anus-Horribilis

For freedom we take heed daily,
But all we get is but freedom.
Awake in our bed of sorrow;
Filled with hope, we race for gold
Alas all gold glisters not

Fourth estate feed us truthful lies,
Technicalities and red-tapism;
A major greez of unfriendly judiciary system.
Away in far north
Our anus horribilis litters
Spreading and infecting neighbors
A battle of the dead for dead
Indeed, lost in Paradise are we

But to the ant we seek wisdom
For lo! we have long ignored;
The log in our eyes,
Yet seek clear sight
The speck in our brothers eyes.

Camera 360


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