Dear Unknown Wife.

Why i can’t say for sure who you are, when, where and under what circumstance we are going to meet, the one thing i know for sure is that, with my prophetic eyes, i see that you are a brilliant, light in complexion and the most beautiful (in my sight) woman on earth. I might be wrong about all the features above but definitely not the last (its my devine heritage).

I want you to realise that; as we embark on the unbelievable journey of life, we have signed to put our lives in each others hands and as a result, life will hand us difficult situations (even the Bible made this clear) and i pray the key to solving it for either of us is not quitting.

Your strength is to compensate for my weakness, your knowledge for my ignorance and i pray you don’t take advantage of this fact.

From the moment we both say “i do”, we both accept the appointment to be each others special adviser and legal consultant and it is my earnest hope that we won’t employ our parents, friends or pastor to assume that position for either of us.

Our union will hand us a lot of regrets, it is my hope that; accepting to live as husband and wife is not one of those regrets. My priorities in life will be defined and it is my hope that nobody (not even my mum) will take your place in my life, and in the same vain i pray for a day not to come that you will have to wish or compare me to your dad or ex as my best is what i will be offering you…..i will love, provide, adore, respect, assist and above all worship you next to God as part of my responsibility to our union and as commanded in the holy book.

For every reason there is to lie to me, find a reason to tell me the truth, as this is the only weapon to keep rekindling our love. As i hope and pray to God to hasten your steps towards my direction, i equally pray that your arrival will usher in favour from God.
Take good care of you and see you A.S.A.P.
Yours loving husband
In anticipation


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