In a remote village, in a far away town, were to speak of civilization is far removed from the mundane conversation. She tried her best to be her best. Back home, she left her nine months old baby under the care of her husband who has been rendered incapacitated by some heartless fossils in the far away north and on her way to fetch some water, thinking of what to feed her child upon her return, having lost all belongings to a blast and since leaving in a nightmares of government intervention.

Approaching the stream, she saw tripleth abandoned in a ghana must go bag by a tree, she was moved by pity, she moved, knelt down and wept, she imagined destinies that has been wasted, but she was too late to be mama…………..

What is the point bringing forth these children to eventually have them killed?. When will wickedness cease from our contemporary society?. These and many more question keeps reverberating in my heart as i keep searching for answers and in quest to understand the human mind


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