introspection on parenting

Children are sacred creatures and we can have them as they come. This is the general notion of most Africans who have made their women major producers even in spite of the hardship that has plagued the continent. Sacred as these creatures are from God, they ceased to be ours the moment they step into the community and the effect of who they eventually grow up to be is felt at times by the larger society.

I love kids and I hope to have them as my pocket can conveniently carter for while making plans for a secure future, but until my statement of accounts gives me the signal to go into production with adequate spacing. What is the point trying to meet some ageing parental and societal expectation and bringing the children fort to the world to be starved of food, clothing, education and love?. What about the woman with a life threatening ailment capable of being passed to her unborn child but still went ahead to get impregnated just to satisfy parental expectation, or is it the genetically incompatible couples who went ahead to risk child bearing just to Bringfort a sickler to suffer and eventually dies?.

Being a parent is not only when you go in and out of the labour room, you can be a mother, a father by being one to those helpless kids whom have been victims of circumstance and scattered around the world looking for who will show them love. Just make up your mind today to be a mother, a father, a parent and you will be blessed with lots of them with the blessings it brings.


4 thoughts on “introspection on parenting”

  1. What if your pocket would conveniently cater for 6children? Hehe gotcha. Once people get married, I think there’s this immediate desire to raise kids just so the marriage is considered fruitful irrespective of whatever situation. Sad


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