Attitude and Everything

Life has handed me so many choices; I have lied several times to my parents, disappointed them and even given them reasons to even disown me while growing up; I have fallen In love and lost my love to the cruel hands of nature; I have been guilty of juvenile delinquency and youthful exuberance, amid these, my default mentality is that the answers I seek lies in the superstructure of our community; that superstructure that has eaten so deep into the very fabric of our being.
The very reason so many people took to church on 31st night of every December why others seek alternative shield from the pestilence of that year that has chosen that night to hunt the earth.
The very reason why you wish a fellow; Happy new year and he/she reply “heaven on earth”, “high favour”, “triumph” and many more weapon he or she has received to battle the devil for another 365 days.
But in all, the sovereignty of our faith and believe lies in our attitudes. Attitude makes and mar a man and the totality of his very existence is the innate attitude he shows forth. Little wonder Clement stone assert that:

There is a little difference, this little difference makes a big difference, the little difference is attitude, the big difference is whether its positive or negative.


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