Family & Friends is all we’ve Got

They use to say “families are liability and our love ones are our weakness in life” but I say ‘’you never realised how much you are loved and care for until you are either down with a life threatening ailment or in time of jubilation or a celebration of a sort’’ (freeman’s proverb).
This reality has survived my skepticism over time till I clocked plus one today and in an attempt to entertained my skepticism I went to my facebook timeline and to my greatest surprise, it was littered with the best wishes from family, friends and even enemies.
I reminisce over a lot of things as I scroll down the countless wishes I received and wallowed in self thought that gave room to so many rhetorical questions; am I this a good person? Did they mean all those words they are saying about me? What would they have said under a reverse circumstance if I were to be dead (God forbid).
An attempt to answer any of these questions will lead to me making the local pharmaceutical store close to my house rich in the sales of paracetamol and as a result I relied on my instinct to guide me in wisdom and understanding of phenomenon that are beyond my comprehension.
After all is said and done, family and friends is all we are left with at the end so am taking out this time and dedicating this post that is coming after a long while of silence from wordpress to all my family, friends, well wishers and everyone out there who have contributed to my life in one way or the other, I must confess, I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys. Hamzat Abdulmajeed, Precious Ukpata, Teslim Kayode AKA (Kaka Wash), Jeremiah Ogunjobi, Isiaka Suleiman, Timi Yesibo, Nihinlola Ifeoluwa, Oluchi, Mr. Ben and Wife(the madam), Mike and (W.I.F.E), Ogwu Moses, Ajogu Dickson, Atteh Victoria and many more too numerous to accommodate this page…….as you continue to be you, I pray ideas like never before will keep springing forth from the mental conversation you shall be having with yourself, God, Family and whatever you lay your hands on i love you guys…………..cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Family & Friends is all we’ve Got”

  1. Hello Freeman, I’m only just seeing this post. I am humbled to see my name on your list. I wish you the very best also. Continue to soar and go places you never dreamed possible!


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