The post you are about reading is an extract from a folktale told by a great Igala musician celebrated all over the Igala kingdom, Dr. Elijah Abalaka JP.

Just because of the love he has for us, he gave us his only begotten son, that who so ever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life but people avoid churches when they are living their lives in a state of perpetual fantasy.
In a remote village where to speak ill of Christianity is to curse your very existence, she got married to this farmer who farms for bare subsistence and after four years the union was blessed with a bouncing baby boy. Years went down the road and she was unable to conceive and before accepting the unfriendly reality that heaven might have just assigned one issue to her from creation hence God has not seen fit to distribute evenly the gift of children.
Communal clash broke out between the very community she lives with a neighboring community over a bounded piece of land, the clash escalate into war and everyone flew for their dear lives, troops sent to intervened were busy arresting young men and women. While she was on her heels, she didn’t look back for her only beloved son neither was her husband; every man was left to his faith. After much destruction, peace was restore to the community and as they made their way back, she arrived and few days later her husband arrived but their only begotten son was nowhere to be found.
They hope for his return someday to no avail and soon settle for the fact that their son might be no more.
Haven’t lost farm produce and other properties to the war, they were left with nothing, she came up with a suggestion to go and take a loan and build a house by the road side then offer refuge to travelers who might be traveling the road at late hours, she explained to her husband that any person passing by who looks like a visitor will be threaten that the road ahead of him lies so many dangers and that he/she should pass the night and proceed with the trip the next day, if he/she eventually agrees, they will grant accommodation for the night and as he is deep asleep, they will murder him/her and make do with whatever belongings they were traveling with after dumping his body in the stream, her lovely husband agreed with her and few years into the business, they became influential and very rich.
Then came a later from the lost son after 21 years that he is coming home, he explained how he was captured by troops and forced to join the military which he did and now a senior officer, and will be tracing his way back home. Upon the receipt of the letter, she was very excited, she planned a huge party for the arrival of her son and called on her husband to intensify efforts to get more prey to amass more wealth for their sons arrival party.
Just a day before the actual date he wrote to his parents, he packed his belonging and set out to find his parents, on his way to the village, it was getting late and as he approached the road leading to his community, he saw an ageing man and woman who waved him to stop, as he did they both explained to him that ahead of him lies a great danger since it was getting dark and hey offered him shelter for the night which he succumbed to. As they usually do, they killed him while he was deep asleep and dumped the body in the river, while they were unpacking his bag, they saw lying beneath the bag his picture when he was seven. She looked at the picture with tears rolling down her cheek, handed it over to her husband to take a look and she screamed out that they have just killed their only son, he looked at the picture shivering but alas, he is dead, the same way others died in their hands. He tried to blame her but it was rather too late. Karma caught up with them.
Just before you think evil against another person’s child, remember yours is also walking down the road, live is full of people fighting one form of battle or the other, help them fight the battle in any little way you can and don’t add to their sorrow, live freely and let others live……………


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