Random thoughts (1)

just hold on to whatever you cast your faith in and life will give you a meaning
just hold on to whatever you cast your faith in and life will give you a meaning

Faith they say changes everything and decide who will be great in life and otherwise, we use up faith everyday without necessarily knowing because our religious leader has preach it to seem nearly impossible to have faith unless you are somewhat attached to the church rituals performed every Sunday and weekly or better still there is a price to pay in other to earn faith hence the faith seed and sacrifices practiced as rituals in some places of worship. But the Christian Jesus made us understand that to every man is a measure of faith, the difference is how we apply this measure.

The sermon today is no longer to strengthen our faith but to make us feel inferior before God and weaken the faith with which we entered the church and that is why it is easy for your pastor to tell you that you took drugs to receive healing because you didn’t have faith that God will heal you when you pray forgetting that without faith in those drugs it wouldn’t effect any change in the first place.

Before you rain down on me, I believe in prayers and if ever be any human that is been made whole from the most outrageously unexplained illness through prayer on earth today, then I think it’s me but truth be say without equivocation, the religion founded today is promoting fear more than courage, hatred among Christians than love, discrimination among worshipers than unity, and above all, the accumulation of unearned wealth under the disguise that the God they serve is a rich God.
But at the end of the day one got to learn to lay his head on the pillow before getting someone to lay theirs beside


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