Grateful Heart Also Laments

I am not going to church tonight, not because I woke up on the wrong side and it’s not as though am proud of it. Even though the services these days shrink my faith and add to my bricks of fears while diminishing my faith and courage, who am I to disobey the holy book and its instruction to all Christians not to neglect the gathering of the saints (even though the opposite of the implied meaning of the word “saint” is what we see in the church these days).

The lord saw me through with my academic pursuit even though for a reason best known to him, he allow me fall sick at the dawn of every semester exam with illness that has no identifiable cause or diagnosis. I went to youth service, amid my success stories he still spared my life from the hands of the devil when I was strok with somewhat “cholecystitis”. I don’t even know what that means. The doctor once said I was asthmatic but to the glory of God, I have never carried an inhaler or show forth any of the symptoms of asthma.

Time has never been a friend of my, and not even the seconds for every one of it that tick draws me closer to my grave and this hurts my feeling knowing that much is still desired of me and only but a little have I achieved.
I had a chat with my boss sometime this week and I express my displeasure with the calendar year 2015 and pray it to quickly roll up its sleeves to enable me drop it from my life’s calendar but after a careful assessment of his grace and mercy upon my life, I came to realize that it will be best insulting if I don’t acknowledge that I have a will power to whom I must give my totality to regardless of any situation that might have prevailed in my life.

So before I watch this year finally pack his baggage and bounce out of my life never to return again, I want to say a huge thank you to all my readers, followers, friends and family, adversaries, and wordpress for giving me a voice in print, sincerely, you guys are the reason behind my success story and I couldn’t have made it thus far with wordpress if not for your support. Above all, my unspeakable heartfelt gratitude goes to my creator, the higher will power to whom I must surrender my totality to in few hours time for seeing me through the year and for his promise for the upcoming years………A prosperous and fulfilling new year too you all…………Gracia.


2 thoughts on “Grateful Heart Also Laments”

  1. Happy New Year to you dearie.

    Thank God for life.. protection.. little mercies and grace. Just a little bit more patience. You have no idea what God is preparing you for. It many look vague for now, but the results sure will be rewarding.

    Perseverance huh. It will be worth it at the end😊😄


  2. thanks beautiful. its been a while, i tried calling twice but you didnt pick nor returned the missed call. idle head has been idle for long now, pls do something my dear, i missed your satire


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