The day I write a poem that is appreciated in all the continents, will be a step towards my giant leap, but until then, I cannot not appreciate Aesthetic through poetry and keep my poetic imagination in a constant rekindling state from my Stunned Heart

                                  STUNNED HEART

Take a giant leap
A stunned heart is dazed
A stunned heart is shocked
It responds but not
It wallows in melancholy
It cries in several pitfall
A stunned hearty is a fragment of peace
From a stunned heart;
Flows the mundane things of life.

                       A NATION’S ASSET
    In abundance of natural resources;
    We are myopic
    We think therein lies our nation’s asset
    In oil, take pride we
    For diamond and gold;
    Songs of joy we chant
    But in wisdom of the people;
    Forever flows nation’s assets.

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