poetry has been my source of joy and diversion from the mundane conversation and bad news the fourth estate of the realm keep ditching out in my country where going negative is the power of the media and the only information that sells faster than good news. today i have decided to express my love for poetry, a product of literary creation in a two stanzas, right below my recent poem”Drum Beat”…..Welcome to New Year. i love you guys a bunch.

The drum beat of love
The drum beat of happiness
Dance we in jubilation;
To the rhythm of peace.

Alas! the gun overwhelmed the drum
Sending joy on a temporary errand
Chant of sorrow filled the air
Sudden rise of refugee camp,
The very being of our deed.

Beaten by hunger,
Stripped by sorrow
Fed with truthful lies
Our choice of war peace to for make

Oh! literary creation
How wonderful a soul mate are thou
In self discovery process;
Thou stood toll.
In diversion and relaxation;
What a companion I find in thee
How I wonder my life without thee,
A miserable solitude to behold.



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