They comes a time in every man’s life when he has to abandon the role/responsibility drawn out for him due to inadequacies or short coming in meeting the spelt out responsibility as persistent in what is no longer or has never been ordained by God is transgression in itself, this the management of Econet formerly, now Airtel, did I hear someone saying I missed out V-mobile, Celtel, Zain realized when they were busy handing over the communication network to more competent hand to run in other to ensure an enhanced quality service delivery, a purpose which a good patriot to the network will justifiably say is 80% achieved. The Irony is what we get with the largest African Telecommunication Network (indeed) in recent times.

Your account is too low for this call, please load a recharge card, the MTN number you are trying to call is not reachable at the moment, please try again later, your call can not be completed at the moment, please try again later. Then to crown it all “Thank You”.
These are the frequently, encoded massage which our giant telecommunication network have left for their customers to decode. Being a perpetual complainant of the first slogan and the only customer with the network who can boastfully say with no apology to hyperbole that I have spoken to all the MTN online customer care representative, if you doubt me ask any of them if they have spoken with Agada Freeman Daniel and those of recent time will tell you how I poured out my frustration on them, an action I regret after dropping the call as the only crime they have committed is working with a network that has in recent time choose to frustrate customers.
Different persons will tell tales of how they have suffered other forms of network failure and frustration from this giant of African in the telecommunication world and decode their massage in a way that best suits or explain the frustration of the circumstance they suffer from.

For the past two months to be precise my MTN line which I have been using for the past five years succeeded in embarrassing me publicly, earning me a query and destroying my phone all summed up in the three frequently encoded in message for their customers which I happen to be a victim of late.

I woke up on Monday and rushed out to receive a waybill service from a transport company. Knowing the disciplinarian I was serving under in my place of economically frustrated and left with no option career, I quickly recharged my most trusted and giant network of African to put a call through to him and complain to him that I will be a bit late for the day, I dialed the mobile number of my employer five times and it bounced back with the slogan “Not Reachable” upon getting the waybill service, I rushed in just to meet a staff briefing, I walked in with the confidence that I at least tried to call him to explain why I will be late but his number was not within reach, little did I know that MTN have a better package for me that day. An argument ensued between me and my Oga at the top and I was asked before my fellow economically frustrated friends teaching in the school while hoping for a better day and the contented working staff to redial the number I claimed to have been calling to no avail. Full of confidence that the call will bounce back with the earlier slogan “Not Reachable” I quickly dialed my Oga at the top’s mobile number and placed the phone on speaker and the next thing that played out before the whole staff is “Your account is too low for this call, please load a recharge card” to now add insult to injury “Thank You” all other explanation I tried to give and even show my account recharge of 200 naira fell on deaf ears and the next package I got courtesy of MTN was a query to be replied within 12 hours. Furious and almost exploding, I picked up my phone and dialed the customer care line which took Two hours of listening to unsolicited advert before I was able to speak with a representative who informed me that the challenge am facing is not peculiar to my line but a general problem which their engineers are currently working on for the past two months, the lady kindly told me to switch off my phone, remove the SIM Card and insert it back on after five minutes each time I encounter such challenge pending when their engineers will fully restore the service to normalcy, an action which I have familiarized myself with for exactly two months and two weeks now and which has finally damaged my mobile handset. All thanks to the giant telecommunication network in Africa for inculcating the African spirit of not bowing out when the ovation is most laud till when disgrace becomes inevitable.

Oga at the Top: A phrase recently coined by Nigerians in describing their superior or director in a place of work, emanating from an interview conducted by Channels TV with an Officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.



  1. i wish i have the means to participate and be part of such great project but its just a wish as i am financially handicap and to think of crossing a border will be best insulting to my bank account statement, but either way, i will be honored and gladly contribute if there is anyway you will require my assistant with matters unrelated to financial implications……..thanks for reading my blog as i look forward to establishing a more cordial relationship in the nearest future………………….peace


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