Family Enslavement

In Africa, the case of removing the log in our brother’s eyes to see clearly, the speck in our own eyes is our way of life. We have never fought for our rights to be free, and have never sang our own song. Our over-ambitiousness is portrayed in every of our union, even amongst us the Negroids.
slavery gold
When we foresee a gold along the road, we stir up arguments to disengage from the group and storm the proceeds of our prophetic eyes alone, a major reason why partnership among every Negroid is always a sham ending up with great display of our ignorance.

The supposed agent of change (the youth) now sees disagreement and conflict as a means to an end hence, one foolish older generation will pay the conflicting party to unit even for a day and grace his birthday occasion after which the war can continue.
Think of novelty in dubious way, think of a Negroid yet we cry in several pitfall with different tongues reeling out identical stories instead of singing with different voices stoically chanting as one and saying NO to family enslavement.


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