Equality of Sex or Equality of Ego?

Whatever you fear to lose, you lose eventually because your fears brings insecurity and in attempt to secure whatever it is you act out carefully and suspicious of everyone around and this in itself is the end.

My default mentality before attaining maturity was that the evil perpetuated in our society is a product of the ruling class, not until lately before realizing that our broken pride, egocentric display coupled with the cunning emotional poisons released on us from our parents and the society as we grow up is the leading cause of our broken society.
We are bread on the mantra that the world is for the taking and in other to partake we have to be smart, cunning, dubious and occupied with evil thoughts hence, the present African society strives on these ingredients of national underdevelopment and called it “survival of the fittest”. As you read, parents have booked a seats for their ward in special centers and paid huge “contingency fee” for the forthcoming WAEC and NECO SSCE examination, ongoing recruitment in most federal ministries and parastatals have been flooded with names of same people whom parents under the most accessible administration in the world have obtained unlimited amount of the country’s currency through the Dansugi-gate and starched same in soak-away pit, overhead tank, and underground buildings for generations yet unborn.

Display of fun-fest foolishness have taken the center stage with different families and even youths showcasing the highest level of mental immaturity for unearned wealth while the host company depend on this to generate more sales. Then very nauseating is the fact that those that should be looked up to as last resort in curbing this madness are caught up in the greatest display of madness while taking refuge in what they called “equality of sex”. As you read, don’t be surprised if you sleep and wake up to the news that “aggrieved Nigerian women have gone on indefinite strike pending when the bill to allow for equality of sex is passed”.
What they mean by
“equality of sex” I do not seek the understanding but I guess Mrs. Fayemi and the host of other feminist in Nigeria agitating for this bill have a better explanation for it because to me as I see it, the female folks are already superior to their male counterparts (ask any married man who runs the family) am sure he will tell you his wife if he should let go his ego for that moment but when the feminist raise their head they make it sound as though women are somewhat oppressed and suppressed but the reverse is the case, what pose a the difference is the fact that due to the egocentric nature of man which is his God bestowed trait, he flung his shoulder to the world that he is in charge yet go indoor to succumb to her might.

As a Nigerian, there is no form of display of misplaced priorities that I have not seen and I do not have any problem with any woman who would want to surgically replace her vagina with her husband’s penis (because with them every mundane things are possible) and send him to the labor room to produce the kids but all am saying is that this enormous God given power can be channeled into timely changes like; calling their mad husband’s to order, correcting their cheating sons, teaching their wayward daughters that simple etiquette that the later generations strives on and making the society a better place before thinking of balancing position because as for me, am tired of always being indirectly on top and am sure most men are to.


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