Matters Miscellaneous

Barely one week that the “lost but found” most controversial budget in the democratic history of Nigeria was signed by the President and still awaiting implementation with some ministries being asked to appear before the supreme court to justify their allocation following non payment of the meagre minimum wage in many states. In my opinion, this ill-timed removal of fuel subsidy is a highly inimical act and it just adds hopelessness to the bricks of its citizens hardship.

I am not an economist and the justification for the removal of fuel subsidy (the only dividend of democracy in Nigeria) does not lies in my domain of interpretation and analysis but without equivocation and prejudice, I condemn in strong term this action of the present regime in an age when the best living standard is not for any reason to be negotiated for, due to the labour of its citizens supportable by the work output.

Nigerians are very good at taking advantage of situations and i trust them to have skyrocketed the price of all marketable items in and out of the market and tag it “SUBSIDY” or put in the market woman parlance “na subsidy cos am my pikin” and this will just be a means to an end.

While i still uphold my unreserved support for the President Buhari’s change mantra, i hope a day will not come when i will have to look back and say “i wish” because this higgledy-piggledy state of the country is heading for a fiasco if care is not taken.


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