Reinvesting my heart again


he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord Proverbs 18:22

Since last week I have been thinking of starting a new relationship and this time, I mean a serious relationship. After my first serious relationship six years ago with my ex, I have not had any other serious relationship, there are some relationships that i had for the six years since the last time and those were just kind of flirting, not the mundane flirting that i was involved with women romantically. That’s not the one i meant. It was just somewhat chatting or flirting a girl but never got to the point that we kissed, non even knew where i lived and i have never stayed indoor with any. Suffice to say i have not given my heart to anyone.

This year, i am twenty-seven years on planet earth and i know i am shortening on time and i don’t care if you think otherwise. It will be a hypocritical reaction if i ever admit that i don’t envy and want to become like my friends getting married and having wonderful kids and i am not saying i wanted to become a father for the sake of envy but for the blessing that comes with it.

Now, i am thinking to give a chance and reinvest my heart for the second time in a lady. It’s been already six years since i found and dwell with the principal means of escape from the loneliness that has plagued man all through his life (LOVE). I don’t understand how my body or emotional psychological part functions every time a lady is becoming close to me. I automatically lost interest to her and the very first time i open up my heart to accommodate one. Unfortunately, she has been taken. Now instinct has taken a better part of me and in choosing which to follow i must have the courage to face the consequences that may happen in every relationship as i set to commit my heart to someone’s hand.

Hmmmmmmmm. Please do wish me good luck and the best of character in whoever she is.

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9 thoughts on “Reinvesting my heart again

  1. Ann

    Interesting wishing u Goodluck on your adventure


  2. hmmmmmmm. Ann thanks, adventure it is but i wish you were the person to be conquered on that adventurous journey


  3. Oh oh oh… you’re letting your heart open!! Awww so good. So good.
    I pray that the next lady be good to you, and cherish you as much as I know you will her. I hope she’ll be trusting because I know it’s going to be a real deal for you trusting someone else deeply and wholeheartedly. I know she’ll be alright dear. Good luck in your search Freeman. I’m even already excited for you!!! 😄😄


  4. Oluche thanks plenty, its a decision I hope I could see to fruition. Like I said earlier, can’t explain while I get overtly irritated and start disliking when a lady is approaching and I hope it will be different this time…….I equally join you in hoping she is trusting, the one sincere ingredient am looking out for when I finally hand over my heart to her..


  5. Kayode Teslim

    Is great when you make decision, is greater when you make positive decision. Your decision will bring a positive result from now till end of time, I join other colleagues to wish you well, may your dreams become reality


  6. Sir. Newton

    “Silence!” I know you understand Freeman the volumes I have spoken. May you find what you seek in yourself and out there, in Jesus name, Amen.


  7. Sir newton, the time spent with you have thought me how much your silence could mean….I appreciate you stopping by and say AMEN to your prayer.


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