Happiness is a Relative Term

I realized am not alone in the story of this life, the happiness i seek lies not in the more i take, for it make the less i become. So many theories on human happiness have been propounded by self-acclaimed happy therapist. I do not subscribe to any of their recommendation because it is an incredibly simplistic theory lacking rigor and barely opinionated.

I want to see the studies, the data collected, the population sampled, the trials, the peer-reviewed research, the scientific method, the names of the reputable social scientist, the margin of error, the null and alternate hypothesis tested, before i subscribe to the theory as having any validity whatsoever.

I tried having a conversation with a friend how i have felt terribly unhappy and as though a part of me was missing that needed to be fixed lately, and in all his wisdom that compelled me to confide in him, he simply told me that i was a product of a broken society that’s why.

It will be time wasting to explain to him that my dad before me found himself in a family of uncountable offspring of his father before him, whom i think suffered libido issues or just like making women producers of plenty kids yet he was incredibly happy (at least from his countenance), but it won’t be time wasting to tell him i was not born into a broken society. I was only fortunate to be blessed among seven women.

Non of the studies i have read actually applies to why some people are happy. Come to even think of it, who said some people are happy?. Our assumptions could be wrong, we cannot just assumed people are happy because they choose to say so or smile through their worries. Happiness is a relative term and there is no proven universal therapy to being happy (at least non that am aware of) and am open to learn if you think there is one that i am ignorant of. Until then, i think for me, incredibly, inexpressible happiness are hidden in the little things i do like hanging out with friends, chatting, reading, playing with my nephew, being around my families/friends, and loving all of you. I mean you that contributes to where i am now and where i am heading to.


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