Beware of Motivational Preachers

According to clement stone, there is a difference, that difference makes a big difference, the difference is attitude, and the big difference is whether it is positive or negative. I was forced to one of the motivational preaching church for a friends child dedication where the pastor sounded somewhat biased about human attitudes vis-a-viz there progress in life, according to him, human attitudes determines the outcome of their success or otherwise, in his word, if you think you are poor, you will remain poor and if you think you are wealthy, then the consequence of your thought is the aftermath of your life.

He went further to buttressed his point that people are suffering today as a result of their thoughts and fear. True as this motivational speech could have sounded to the many who bought into it with enthusiasm and chant reeling the air with some praises on the pastor, it defies emotional, psychological and religious logic, from the religious standpoint which am not too equipped to school you, somewhere in the Holy Bible, Sarah, Abraham’s wife mocked God with skepticism when she was promised a child and that was a very negative attitude but God overlooked her skepticism and still surprised her with a son,(that’s a God of times and season) same, I studied applied to Esther at some point in the holy book so from the religious standpoint, this motivational speaker has deviated from the Godly principles of time, season, predestination and hard work, from the emotional standpoint he totally misled his people into thinking that something was wrong with their default configuration for entertaining skepticism and fear and there is this woman beside me humming in agreement with everything that is pronounced from the pastor.

The preacher has intellectually subjugated this group of people to believe that if they dream of themselves flying their private jet, they will provided they can dream it, and proclaim it, the problem is, no part of his sermon mentioned hard work, reward for hard work or dignity in labour, and when it was time to admonished them to pay tithe, the Woman beside me started shouting “soon I will pay my tithes in dollar”. Psychologically, the admonishment has failed to recognized that human by default is supposed to allow fear crept in and that beyond what the eyes can see, mind conceived, mouth confess, there is also a thin line, what the hand can do to make all the above receive heavenly blessing and earthly multiplication.


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