We Must Keep Hope Alive

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The post you are about reading is inspired by General Olusegun Obasanjo’s “I See Hope”

Though am too young to say that the Nigeria our past heroes left us with is better than the Nigeria we find ourselves today, what I heard as legend have it is that the country then was one peaceful place to live in. it was once a place where people come together regardless of their tribe or ethnic background to live as brothers and sisters. It was a place where civilians were afraid of taking up arms against each other. But today, there is a change in the country. It has become a battle zone with troops. It has become a place where some heartless fossils now ascertain the number of death and casualty from a single explosion. The police are now outnumbered, while men of the Joint Military Task Force are on the run for the scariest element in the north. The Civil Defense continues to defend the defenseless (indeed). The Herdsmen are now beyond control. Violence has become the order of the day.

A knife is now lashed in argument over a parking space; a man killed because his dog barked at night; a boy gun down his girlfriend because she was cheating on him; man killed his baby because his wife was paying too much attention to the baby and denying him sex, muggers now attack at will with no fear of being apprehended or if apprehended, with no fear of punishment. Impunity has taken over the land, criminals are now arrogant and contemptuous of the justice system and advocates on the other hand are now seeking for amnesty for more kidnappers from the southern part of the country.

Plea bargaining is now routine for the most appalling and shocking of corruption cases and assaults, arms are now being imported into the country by state governor. People are now shoved off the path of an incoming train just for kicks. The percentage of homicide, kidnapping and terrorism cases actually solved by the police has dropped alarmingly where neither motives nor clues where readily apparent. A case is either quickly solved with the perpetrator(s) apprehended within days or it was filed away and tagged with the phrase “the police are on top of the situation”. With these harsh realities in this higgledy-piggledy state which the Nigeria citizens have come to live with as part of their daily existence………I see hope.

I see hope, in the willingness of Nigeria youths who resist with all their strength the evil which past and present regimes represent.

I see hope, in the unwavering conduct and uncompromising drive of Nigeria youths in demanding a democratic process.

I see hope, in the determination, resilience and the indomitable spirit of Nigeria youths.

I see hope, in their resistance and uncompromising spirit when they are pushed to the wall and in demanding a democratic process.

I see hope, in the Nigeria youths who react, withdraw, protest, reject despotism, nepotism and bad leadership.

I see hope for a Nigeria in which creative energies of our vibrant, tireless and motivated youths respond with enthusiasm when well led.

I see hope, in the zeal, commitment and courage of Nigeria youths in the face of adversity.

I see hope, in the boundless and incurable optimism of the youth service scheme in bringing about unity in diversity.

I see hope in the dynamism, vibrancy, richness and unity the youth service scheme represents.

I see hope in the passing out corps members as they step in the larger society.
We must keep hope alive, for to lose hope is to lose all (OBJ)


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