50 Random things about me

50 Random Things About Me.

I have five names…..Daniel, Freeman, Ojomugbokenyode, Onah, and Daddy. But i only answer the first two and the last one at home.

I speak four languages fluently.

Am the only boy in the mist of seven girls.

I give into emotions quickly and am working on that.

I like shopping…….. All types of shopping ranging from window to door shopping.

I argue alot, and hardly give up.

I can be overly secretive, but my secrets, i cant keep and am working on that.

I talk to much at times and am working on that.

Cooking is one of my hobbies, and i can cook almost all kinds of meals.

Am a jealous lover and that am working on.

Two things i can spend carelessly on; my mum and the woman i love.

I can be a feminist at times, but do you blame me……its hitherto said in number two above.

I love blogging and i do that with most of my spare time….@www.freeman4real.wordpress.com.

I love art work alot and i think my room will tell on that.

I love fashion and i can spend hugely to look great…

I fail God at all times and am working on that

I miss Sunday service at every slightest reason there is, this is one area of my life am seriously working to effect expedient change.

Am not always faithful with my tittes and first fruit, i have never paid.

I love the paramilitaries alot and that’s where i wanna be.

I can be 100% faithful in relationship, but i haven’t got a date and am currently working on that.

I take strong exception to insults from opposite sex, and can react to that alot.

I love music alot. I can play it all through the night…… That’s how much i love it.

I can eat beans with just salt, thats how much i love it.

I don’t double date, never have…..pray to God never to.

I have a university degree and its just the stepping stone to my educational pursuit.

I dont give up….not until i achieve results.

Am an achiever, and that goes with everything i lay hands on……its the Lord’s doing.

I love literature and have three strong passions.

Am not used to celebrating my birthday and that am currently working on.

I love traditional songs and i listen to them alot.

When it come to sports, am an amateur. I only know little.

I hardly wear traditional or natives. I don’t think i even have one.

For me, its just a jeans and a top to match, unless on occasional outings.

When am pissed, i love to be left alone to music…..

I don’t take alcohol,…..for me, it doesn’t change anything

I don’t smoke. Never have, never will.

Am quick to trust and am presently working on that.

I love vegetable soup, it’s my favourite.

Am allergic to locust beans. The sight alone irritates and sometimes make me sick.

I don’t joke with my friends….. I hold them to high esteem.

I hardly make promises, and when i do, i try my best to keep to it.

I fellowship with Redeemed Christian Church of God……i believe my fellowship there has given my life a meaning.

I hardly watch home videos…the story line is just too easily predictable.

I love series, and i watch them at spare times.

Am a technology freak. I hardly use a particular handset for a period of six months.

For me, there is just two profession/discipline…. Journalism and others.

I hardly fast and pray, and that am overcoming.

I have more of females friends. I get along easily with them.

I have pimples pierced holes around my face….its just part of ageing.

Am a Christian and nothing in life will change that.


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