Churching Strains Yet Cures

So, last Sunday, I muscle up the courage to enter the place of worship and carry out the normal Christian rituals performed every Sabbath days after my friend who is somewhat the other version of me with matters unconnected to religion presented a negotiable argument on the need to partake in the Sunday rituals. The… Continue reading Churching Strains Yet Cures


We Must Keep Hope Alive

The post you are about reading is inspired by General Olusegun Obasanjo's "I See Hope" Though am too young to say that the Nigeria our past heroes left us with is better than the Nigeria we find ourselves today, what I heard as legend have it is that the country then was one peaceful place… Continue reading We Must Keep Hope Alive


Who is praying for Nigeria?

Convince as i am that the great need of our age is revival of spiritual values and a drastic change in our subconscious thoughts, i still maintain that the major war in our country that requires attention is the lack of any clear vision of the future by the present administration which is having a… Continue reading Who is praying for Nigeria?



Agada Freeman Daniel

warning: this letter you are about reading is born out of childhood of watching home movies coupled with my observation of some women in our contemporary society. It should not be a yardstick for judging my personality. Thanks

Every August as i celebrate my birth, it dawn on me that “life is in stages and men are in sizes” twenty children do not play for twenty years. This year am 25. Unlike your mum, am not shy neither am i intimidate by my age. At this age, i am yet to have a date (or girlfriend as the case maybe) and i fear for when you will arrive this planet, i fear for the outcome of the father/child relationship that will exist between us, i fear for what the mother earth has in stock for you, and above all, i fear for bringing you into this wicked and evil world.

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Prayer of a Melancholic Heart

Heavenly father, we come to you in this difficult times, we pray that your mercy intervene for the souls lost in retrospect and the many more that will go down because of the single decision we were blinded to make on the poll. We ask that you give us the wisdom in introspect to recognise… Continue reading Prayer of a Melancholic Heart