Sorry I Cheated

A must read for all men

Eleazar Maduka

I’m sorry I cheated on you
It was a cold night, one that I never wish to remember
The darkness had loomed over me for so long,
And I had no strength to fight any more

I’m sorry I took a second glance
I had only intended to stare,
Never did I mean to step into Jezebel’s lair
And all she had needed was that extra glance, and the victory became hers

I’m sorry I forgot about us
A vow so sacred was broken, all because
I had given in to a fit of passion
The animal within arose, and all that had mattered was pleasure

“For better, for worse,” I had sworn on the altar,
Never knowing that better
Was all that I had set my eyes on
Worse back then looked like a tragedy that was never to come

I’m sorry that I had enjoyed her kisses so…

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