Birthday Speech

and it was a memorable day as friends humbled me and brought out the best and worst of me


Beware of Motivational Preachers

According to clement stone, there is a difference, that difference makes a big difference, the difference is attitude, and the big difference is whether it is positive or negative. I was forced to one of the motivational preaching church for a friends child dedication where the pastor sounded somewhat biased about human attitudes vis-a-viz there… Continue reading Beware of Motivational Preachers


Am no Longer Slave of Fear

Am not given to making New Year resolutions or penning down a “to do list” that I will probably forget when circumstances takes a twisted turn. For me, every day is a new beginning to do what needed to be done or make that call, adjust that life style or take that decision needed to… Continue reading Am no Longer Slave of Fear


Life’s Purpose is sum total of Your Reaction to Experience

I find purpose questions very nauseating and as a result don’t ask people what their purpose in life is. The question defies logic when asked outside the religious setting where one is expected to give the predetermined answer “my purpose in life is to serve God”. While growing up, I have always wanted to become… Continue reading Life’s Purpose is sum total of Your Reaction to Experience


My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action

Its yet another Independence anniversary for Nigeria and i have thought: what should i ramble about? Nothing pops up in my cheezy breezy weezy brain… i carried out a survey with two friends. Sunday, my naughty friend suggested i write on “patriotism”. I declined because that would amount to betraying my conscience going by the… Continue reading My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action


Sorry I Cheated

A must read for all men

Eleazar Maduka

I’m sorry I cheated on you
It was a cold night, one that I never wish to remember
The darkness had loomed over me for so long,
And I had no strength to fight any more

I’m sorry I took a second glance
I had only intended to stare,
Never did I mean to step into Jezebel’s lair
And all she had needed was that extra glance, and the victory became hers

I’m sorry I forgot about us
A vow so sacred was broken, all because
I had given in to a fit of passion
The animal within arose, and all that had mattered was pleasure

“For better, for worse,” I had sworn on the altar,
Never knowing that better
Was all that I had set my eyes on
Worse back then looked like a tragedy that was never to come

I’m sorry that I had enjoyed her kisses so…

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