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My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action

am never giving up on Nigeria

am never giving up on Nigeria

Its yet another Independence anniversary for Nigeria and i have thought: what should i ramble about? Nothing pops up in my cheezy breezy weezy brain… i carried out a survey with two friends.

Sunday, my naughty friend suggested i write on “patriotism”. I declined because that would amount to betraying my conscience going by the connotative implication of the word “patriotism” hence, i cant say for sure ‘how patriotic i am’ judging by the fact that; i never recited the national anthem during NYSC orientation in camp; never remembered the nation in my sparingly morning devotion; have never worn anything green white and green(don’t even know what that connotes) and i have never made any known sacrifice for the nation aside forfeiting my meals in camp……so Mr. Sunday. What is patriotic about me when patriotism is not viewed from the perspective of the innateness school of thought?.

Mr. Suleiman suggested i, (his exact words) “write about the urgent need for a change of leadership, orientation of the masses about the brewing crisis and a host of other known issues”.

What my hommy meant by “host of other known issues is what am yet to decipher, since there was no known conference organized to itemize known issues after the Kutigi led romance that ended in 2014 and is already known.

Then as for his protest for a change of leadership, am wondering; could he be referring to a shift in political party? (I don’t think so, hey! No way, this dude is too sensitive not to know that the ruling party and the oppo-attacking are the same; could he be referring to the military taking over power? Nah! That guy enjoys his swags and freedom of expression and choice, especially with matters unconnected with the opposite sex, no way he will advocate for TYRANTS

Maybe he was referring to the youths. But how can that be? I remember him telling me during our undergraduate days….”oboy if i get dey opportunity na to enrich myself and my family oh…no time” ( his exact word). How can the same person advocate for his types to take over the helms of affair for change..nah.

Less I forget, he equally mentioned the orientation of the masses against the brewing crisis. Why the question of who the masses are in Nigeria is making the local pharmaceutical store in by neighborhood rich in the sales of paracetamol each time I search my head for the answer. I think the Anus-Horribilis of some slapsticks comedians from the south who are planning genocide and separation of Nigeria or the ongoing political genocide by the scariest element in the north should not be viewed as brewing crisis or the mindset of the masses (just thinking aloud).

With my glass of champagne raised acknowledging; Nelson Mandela, Fella Kuti, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Shehu Shagari, Michael Kombol,Ezekiel Asemah, Ngugi, Brutus, Achebe, Soyinka,Birago Diop, Gabriel Okara, Gever Celestine, Kayode Teslim, Ogujobi Jeremiah, Ifeoluwa, Timi Yesiebo, wordpress, Suleiman Isiaka, Dickson Ajogu, Opeyemi, my humble self and other black heroes who fought and are still fighting for the physical freedom of the black race……. i wish you guys a happy independence anniversary………thanks for flying with me.

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The Dollar Syndrome (2)

As you read, the dollar syndrome has affected even marital consummation, I eavesdropped into a discussion, a man was telling his friend (I guess) that his wife now denied him sex because dollar was high. The same fellow went ahead pouring out his randy rage on Mr. President but never questioned the sanity of his wife.

The only path to true human development and liberation for the majority of the people of Nigeria is through the transformation of struggle to replace and reshape negative thought with positive ones and work towards it, that is why development should be seen beyond government or economic affair but rather as an overall social process of the citizens which is dependent upon the outcome of their effort to deal with their natural environment and make positive contribution towards the development of their country rather than make democracy in this country a process by which we elect the man who takes the blame…..Freeman 2014

If there is anything Nigerians are good at, it is finding fault where there is non and apportioning blame and that is why men find it sane to blame or divorce their wife for not giving birth to a male child.
Our bad attitudes must be blamed on the president. Why not, after all he is the head of the nation but picture a scenario where the blame for every juvenile acts perpetuated by a child is apportioned to the father. I guess you will agree with me that we will have as much fatherless children as rogues, cultist, rapist, murderers and thieves. But someone must be blame and that person definitely is not the ape or monster that resides in everyone of us, that person is; the president, the governor, the local government chairman, the counsellors that we elected into power.

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The Dollar Syndrome

There is a three word expression that has gained ground and potency as a cover-all explanation for evil and ungodliness in our country Nigeria lately: “Dollar has increased” or put in a street man parlance,; “dollar don rise”.
These words have been so abused that today if you greet your fellow man on the street, he ignores you just to inform you later in writing that he ignored your prior greeting because dollar was high.
The market women selling Amala, Ogbono, Egusi, Locust beans and many more staple food produced and predominantly marketed in Nigeria now take refuge in the dollar syndrome and hike the price of her commodities.
Lecturers find this syndrome a welcome development and hike the price of their copy pasted materials. To consult your Doctor, you must pay double because dollar is high. Parents now deprive their offspring due pocket money while taking refuge in the dollar syndrome, muggers now attack at will and their victims must blame the dollar, you will now believe me when I say Nigerians are very competent with matters unrelated to taking selfish advantage of good intentions for evil ends and the bulk of it is perpetuated by Christians, and don’t be surprised if a church leader now ask his congregation to double their offerings and tithes because dollar is high.
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As you read, so many slapstick comedians have taken over the social media displaying their level of mental immaturity and the man on the receiving end is the president. An average Nigerian goes to the toilet, finds it difficult to pass faeces – the president is to be blame for being too authoritative on his faeces. He passes his faeces easily – the president is to be blame for being too soft. He fails a job interview; – the president is to be blame for being an illiterate. He passes the job interview – the president is too educated for his liking. You still wonder why I defined Democracy in the Nigeria context as “the process of electing the man to take the blame for our bad attitudes”.?
I am not an economist, and the justification for the president’s stand on not devaluing the county’s currency does not resides in my domain of interpretation or analysis but all am saying here is that, a little skepticism and insightful study will do Nigerians no harm, if only we could study the policy and have a clear cut objective argument/debate, then they would have been less of all this argumentum ad hominem.

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Freedom of the Body, Enslavement of the Soul

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
Reverberation of pains in my heart heaps.
Not for the open gate of obtainment;
Not for the apparent restiveness of my generation;
Not for my labouring mother;
Nor for my toiling father.

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
I weep with melancholy glued to my face
Not for my mal-nutritional meals;
Not for the darkness of the night;
Nor the presences but lack of water.
Not for the liberation of your children,
For twenty children do not play for twenty years.
But, alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
For this pain I shall but no longer bear.

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
For your light is now made visible darkness
And we must follow the path with no other light,
If we don’t, they say demons possess your body,
If we don’t, they say we question you,
If we don’t, they rebuke us;
They carry out all form of ritual to maim us.

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
For I am given to much ramblings
But what can I do with this vulnerable body of yours?
I fear that I may be converted.
Converted but not to the wisdom of thy doctrine.
But I fear I may be converted;
To the visible dark path they conjure.

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator,
For I too seek the root of all evil,
But in my quest I yearn for your undiluted wisdom,
To lead the untwisted path,
For thy time draw nigh,
When thy true illumination gives immortal life.

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Perception and Insight

See Negroid
Pride in strength
Lost to ego;
And corrupt to desire
Lusting after all mundane treasure
Bending their back to be ridden
Crying for freedom
But enslave to freedom
Their very conscience, they enslave
But freedom is from within
Alas! our minds shall be free
And behind we shall leave the demons
Then and only then, shall the Negroid be truly free

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Random Thoughts (2)

When you are born into a country where only your pastor and religious leaders are the one telling you that the only connection you need to make it in life is God while prevailing circumstances is pointing to the fact that aside the heavenly God you need another God, this time (the earthly God) to receive heavenly revelation and earthly motivation in which most cases is (brown envelope) in other to help you, your faith in what your religion leaders preach on the altar on Sunday will be shaken. Don’t feel bad about that and don’t make anybody make you feel that you are faithless and therefore cannot move your mountains rather look on the bright side of it and hope for a great show of the supremacy of God when he finally prevail upon your case.

While you are battling with your faith and holding unto Christ who will always prevail in a big way and make it seems as if he likes his children being mocked to the point of giving up before uplifting them above their enemies, you keep hearing testimonies from people of less faith and even non believers who at different stages have undergone breakthrough with help of their God father(earthly in this case), some even enter the church to praise him for paying #500,000 naira to someone and getting a job as a result and then hiding under the umbrella of testimony with the justification that if God was not in support, his bribe wouldn’t have earn him the job, as if our God is a promoter of corruption or uses it as a tool to grant some of his children testimonies and breakthrough.

While you are trying to understand why God didn’t deem it fit to distribute evenly the gift of wealth or to immediately bless you who have battled with two square meals as if there were no other person in worst scenario than you and graduated with plenty responsibilities and expectations written down on your certificate. You still have your parents who psychologically shrink your very being with success stories of their friends and neighbor who have either bought a car for their parents, built a house, gotten married, or is sponsoring his or her siblings abroad as if it was your inadequacy or deficiency that has left you unemployed or as though they knew the source of their friend/neighbors child’s wealth. Talking of source of wealth; these days no body cares how it comes, they just want to see you successful.

While you are trying to understand why your parents are expecting much from you as if it was you that denied them the privilege of snatching the silver spoon from their creator or it was you that urge them to win the battle against the other million sperm cells that might be fortunate to have come into the world and secured for you a golden spoon for their grandchildren and generation yet unborn as Atiku Abubakar and the host of others have done. You have the society on the other hand telling you that you are better of death than alive.

While your pastor is consoling you with the story of a brother in church whom after youth service took him twenty years to get a job, another brother who is yet to complete his NYSC is sharing his testimony of a 200,000 naira monthly salary job he just secured to resume immediately after discharge and this is the point where you find it difficult to affirm your faith and wonder if the two fellow served the same God, and while he allowed one to wallow in misery for twenty years and the other in opposite situation but come on, who are you to question God, after all he watched Cain murdered his brother Abel just for him to ask him (Cain) where is your brother Abel. His ways are different from the ways of mortal being.

While you are trying to settle for the stark reality that God’s time is yet to come, don’t make the erroneous mistake of going into any relationship with the opposite sex if you are a guy (in my opinion) because sooner than later she will add to your misery and desperation either by eloping with that guy who has just arrived his destination or telling you how God has revealed to her that you guys were not meant for each other just to invite you to her wedding few months after(plan be has been on the line) your misery didn’t just open your eyes to see.
They tell you not all girls are the-same, it’s the fact but since the probability of finding those that are not the-same in their word is the-same as finding the probability that a coca-cola picked at random from a crate with twenty three poisonous bottles will be the good one. I advice you don’t add to your misery frustration but wait till you get there, after all there population is more than yours and you can always find one having in mind that the beautiful ones are not yet born.

While you are trying to understand why ladies prefer the “ready-made guys” (new word in women’s vocabulary for describing guys with good job and pay), you still have our legislature trying to steal your peace and freedom of expression in the social media where your misery always lead you to pour out your unending-in-sight frustration on any government official who is unfortunate to be mention in the news for diverting public funds as if you are not guilty of diversion at any point in your life. At least if for once in your life you were guilty of diversion, then the only difference between you and them (the leaders) is OPPORTUNITY.

just have faith

just have faith

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