Am no Longer Slave of Fear

Am not given to making New Year resolutions or penning down a “to do list” that I will probably forget when circumstances takes a twisted turn. For me, every day is a new beginning to do what needed to be done or make that call, adjust that life style or take that decision needed to… Continue reading Am no Longer Slave of Fear


Freedom of the Body, Enslavement of the Soul

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator, Reverberation of pains in my heart heaps. Not for the open gate of obtainment; Not for the apparent restiveness of my generation; Not for my labouring mother; Nor for my toiling father. Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator, I weep with melancholy glued to my face Not for my… Continue reading Freedom of the Body, Enslavement of the Soul


Grateful Heart Also Laments

I am not going to church tonight, not because I woke up on the wrong side and it’s not as though am proud of it. Even though the services these days shrink my faith and add to my bricks of fears while diminishing my faith and courage, who am I to disobey the holy book… Continue reading Grateful Heart Also Laments



This year has not been very good to me and its not the first disappointment or misery i wear on my countenance as i journey through with daily struggles for survival. My believes, aspirations, and thoughts for the year from unset which was a mirage gave me reasons and a wish to renegotiate my very… Continue reading TRUE CONFESSION


Friends indeed

The good news of a man they say comes after his death. Death as used on quote could means his absence or could litrarily means going to his ancestors as the case with late president Umaru Musa Yaradua. Today going by the kind of leadership style fashioned for Nigerian's by the badluck sorry. Goodkuck administration,… Continue reading Friends indeed