Focus: Mother’s Advice

For thirty four years that i remained married to your dad, i carried a surface injury in my heart that he constantly pricked but being a woman has only thought me to smile through those pains. She took me outside along the river bank under the palm trees, asked me to stare at the surrounding… Continue reading Focus: Mother’s Advice


Reality Sucks

People will come and tell you they won’t hurt you People will come and tell you they will love you better People will come and promise more than can fulfil People will come and promise never to make you cry Am sorry if you are expecting all that from me Because I will hurt you… Continue reading Reality Sucks


Random Thoughts (2)

When you are born into a country where only your pastor and religious leaders are the one telling you that the only connection you need to make it in life is God while prevailing circumstances is pointing to the fact that aside the heavenly God you need another God, this time (the earthly God) to… Continue reading Random Thoughts (2)