We Must Keep Hope Alive

The post you are about reading is inspired by General Olusegun Obasanjo's "I See Hope" Though am too young to say that the Nigeria our past heroes left us with is better than the Nigeria we find ourselves today, what I heard as legend have it is that the country then was one peaceful place… Continue reading We Must Keep Hope Alive


Prayer of a Melancholic Heart

Heavenly father, we come to you in this difficult times, we pray that your mercy intervene for the souls lost in retrospect and the many more that will go down because of the single decision we were blinded to make on the poll. We ask that you give us the wisdom in introspect to recognise… Continue reading Prayer of a Melancholic Heart


Date Rape: the untold pain of victims (part two)

“The mistake we make is in thinking rape isn’t premeditated, that it happens by accident somehow, that you’re drunk and you run into a girl who’s also drunk and half-asleep on a bench and you sidle up to her and things get out of hand and before you know it, you’re being accused of something… Continue reading Date Rape: the untold pain of victims (part two)


Freedom of the Body, Enslavement of the Soul

Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator, Reverberation of pains in my heart heaps. Not for the open gate of obtainment; Not for the apparent restiveness of my generation; Not for my labouring mother; Nor for my toiling father. Alight my uncanny heart oh! Creator, I weep with melancholy glued to my face Not for my… Continue reading Freedom of the Body, Enslavement of the Soul

My life

My personal statement

My personal and professional academic experience has shaped my life and my career goal for the future. Hence, I already foresee myself in the profession that I always dreamt of. I see myself walking as a successful journalist and image maker of any organization/establishment that requires my service in the country and beyond. My confidence… Continue reading My personal statement