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My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action

am never giving up on Nigeria

am never giving up on Nigeria

Its yet another Independence anniversary for Nigeria and i have thought: what should i ramble about? Nothing pops up in my cheezy breezy weezy brain… i carried out a survey with two friends.

Sunday, my naughty friend suggested i write on “patriotism”. I declined because that would amount to betraying my conscience going by the connotative implication of the word “patriotism” hence, i cant say for sure ‘how patriotic i am’ judging by the fact that; i never recited the national anthem during NYSC orientation in camp; never remembered the nation in my sparingly morning devotion; have never worn anything green white and green(don’t even know what that connotes) and i have never made any known sacrifice for the nation aside forfeiting my meals in camp……so Mr. Sunday. What is patriotic about me when patriotism is not viewed from the perspective of the innateness school of thought?.

Mr. Suleiman suggested i, (his exact words) “write about the urgent need for a change of leadership, orientation of the masses about the brewing crisis and a host of other known issues”.

What my hommy meant by “host of other known issues is what am yet to decipher, since there was no known conference organized to itemize known issues after the Kutigi led romance that ended in 2014 and is already known.

Then as for his protest for a change of leadership, am wondering; could he be referring to a shift in political party? (I don’t think so, hey! No way, this dude is too sensitive not to know that the ruling party and the oppo-attacking are the same; could he be referring to the military taking over power? Nah! That guy enjoys his swags and freedom of expression and choice, especially with matters unconnected with the opposite sex, no way he will advocate for TYRANTS

Maybe he was referring to the youths. But how can that be? I remember him telling me during our undergraduate days….”oboy if i get dey opportunity na to enrich myself and my family oh…no time” ( his exact word). How can the same person advocate for his types to take over the helms of affair for change..nah.

Less I forget, he equally mentioned the orientation of the masses against the brewing crisis. Why the question of who the masses are in Nigeria is making the local pharmaceutical store in by neighborhood rich in the sales of paracetamol each time I search my head for the answer. I think the Anus-Horribilis of some slapsticks comedians from the south who are planning genocide and separation of Nigeria or the ongoing political genocide by the scariest element in the north should not be viewed as brewing crisis or the mindset of the masses (just thinking aloud).

With my glass of champagne raised acknowledging; Nelson Mandela, Fella Kuti, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Shehu Shagari, Michael Kombol,Ezekiel Asemah, Ngugi, Brutus, Achebe, Soyinka,Birago Diop, Gabriel Okara, Gever Celestine, Kayode Teslim, Ogujobi Jeremiah, Ifeoluwa, Timi Yesiebo, wordpress, Suleiman Isiaka, Dickson Ajogu, Opeyemi, my humble self and other black heroes who fought and are still fighting for the physical freedom of the black race……. i wish you guys a happy independence anniversary………thanks for flying with me.

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Balancing Facts


Today a child is born into the mother’s arm, 70% of what he becomes in life is the mothers doing, the rest is a product of superstructure (the religious believe and the culture) of his contemporary society. As the child grows up, and socialise with fellow children, they tend to fight and engage in one form of juvenile disagreement or the other. Then one day, the child comes from the neighborhood crying
Mother: son, why are you crying?
Son: is it not Great that slapped me on my face.
Mother: mtchewww, stupid boy, great slapped you and instead of slapping him back you came home crying, come here(dragging him by the ears), now listen to me, next time anybody slaps you, do the same to that person. If you ever cry to me i will flog you mercilessly. Do you understand me?
Son: yes mummy.
This child will little or not forget what the mother did to him but will never forget what she said to him; A generation of an eye for an eye is in the making.

Next day, mummy on her way home from the office, she saw her son playing with a group of Igala boys. She called out to her son to follow her home, upon getting home, she held her son by the right ear and warned; Now listen and listen good, henceforth, i do not want to ever see you playing with those Igala kids or any one at that, they are full of JUJU and they can destroy you at any slightest disagreement.

This hasty generalisation is either arising from a grapevine or from past experience mummy had with the Igalas. Now she stands on that to raise a stereotypical society. As if these are not enough harm to the human race, as the son grows older, he learns from religion that being equally yorked with unbeliever’s is a sin, he is told that killing is doing the bidding of the supreme one, he anticipate the day he will be with his virgins in hereafter, he is told that he has to be violent to be able to grab it by force. A generation of misinformed, and misled offsprings is spreading branches.

A better world will continue to be an illusionary perceptions of reality until we have a better Mothers and a well focused religious institutions.

Igala: the ninth largest ethnic group in Nigeria found predominantly in their ancestral homes in Kogi East. Kogi state.

Juju: a term referring to fetish and diabolical acts, commonly used in Africa

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