We Must Keep Hope Alive

The post you are about reading is inspired by General Olusegun Obasanjo's "I See Hope" Though am too young to say that the Nigeria our past heroes left us with is better than the Nigeria we find ourselves today, what I heard as legend have it is that the country then was one peaceful place… Continue reading We Must Keep Hope Alive


My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action

Its yet another Independence anniversary for Nigeria and i have thought: what should i ramble about? Nothing pops up in my cheezy breezy weezy brain… i carried out a survey with two friends. Sunday, my naughty friend suggested i write on “patriotism”. I declined because that would amount to betraying my conscience going by the… Continue reading My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action


Balancing Facts

Today a child is born into the mother's arm, 70% of what he becomes in life is the mothers doing, the rest is a product of superstructure (the religious believe and the culture) of his contemporary society. As the child grows up, and socialise with fellow children, they tend to fight and engage in one… Continue reading Balancing Facts