Focus: Mother’s Advice

For thirty four years that i remained married to your dad, i carried a surface injury in my heart that he constantly pricked but being a woman has only thought me to smile through those pains. She took me outside along the river bank under the palm trees, asked me to stare at the surrounding… Continue reading Focus: Mother’s Advice


Questionist Reborn

In quest for freedom and corrupt free nation; In quest to bind and kill the destiny killer We are biased with myopic myopia Seldom our thought That from the spring of wantonness loot; That from the ever open gate of obtainment; That from the negroid rock of age; That from the long gonna imperialist Lies… Continue reading Questionist Reborn


Random Thoughts (2)

When you are born into a country where only your pastor and religious leaders are the one telling you that the only connection you need to make it in life is God while prevailing circumstances is pointing to the fact that aside the heavenly God you need another God, this time (the earthly God) to… Continue reading Random Thoughts (2)



This year has not been very good to me and its not the first disappointment or misery i wear on my countenance as i journey through with daily struggles for survival. My believes, aspirations, and thoughts for the year from unset which was a mirage gave me reasons and a wish to renegotiate my very… Continue reading TRUE CONFESSION